Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall 2

Heya Nesters!  Yesterdays post was all about the bargain leaning floor mirror that I scored at Walmart. That wasn't where the bargains ended for this this gal. Oh no, I hit the jackpot at The Christmas Tree Shop.  Every bedroom design image that sticks in my brain is one that involves mirrors above or behind matching nightstand lamps. 

It brings more light and openness to every room. 

And it just looks so damn cool.

This one is particularly awe inspiring.

I had originally wanted a frameless beveled edge mirror like this one from IKEA.  

 But I wouldn't be able to hang it since it would require brackets to be screwed into the wall.  And as you may know, to my landlord, that is a no-no.  I had to keep looking. So when I stumbled upon the last two square white framed mirrors in the cart they went!  I realized at the counter that I had no idea how much they were!  I nearly started pumping my fist and started belting "hoo hoo hoo" circa Arsenio Hall.  They were only $4.99 each!  I couldn't help myself but as soon as I got home, I hung them. 

Since the nightstands are different heights and therefore the lamps are too, I measured from the ceiling down so that they would hang evenly. 

Well there you have it Nesters! It's been a mirror-tastic week for me here at Temporary Nest and I couldn't be happier.  So what do you guys think? Or if you have mirrors over your nightstands, please share! We'd all love to see.

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