Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nanny's Suitcase

Hiya Nesters!  Today I'm going to show you one of my favorite little understated portions of my apartment. It's a suitcase that I found on a random rummage through my grandmother's {Nanny's} attic in Maine many many years back.

My dad was up there looking for one thing or another and I stumbled across this awesome vintage blue flight attendants suitcase.  I thought it was cool but I was probably about 8 years old! I had no idea what gold I had on my hands!  It came home with me and promptly was filled to the brim a rainbow of nail polishes and remained that way until I was out of college.  When I moved out soon after, I dumped all the nasty clumped nail polish from yesteryear and utilized it for additional storage for toiletries that aren't often used.

It sits on a white apothecary cabinet that I got on sale at Target a few years back. I love the blue suitcase on the white cabinet adorned with brown and white linens.

It's just outside the door to the "ladies room" and also outside the kitchen.  It's nothing big or wild.  But there is something about it that makes me smile and think of my Nanny and what a classy, trendy jet setter she must have been back in her heyday.

I just wanted to share with you guys and I hope this can make you smile too!

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