Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If I Had a Million Dollars: Fancy Feast

Heya Nesters! When I say Fancy Feast, no, I'm not talking about the cat food. I'm talking about hosting and feasting in style.  With the holidays fast approaching we all are reassessing our formal dining spaces, as they will be withstanding an endurance test shortly.  In my current tres, tres petit chateau, my dinner parties consist of sitting around the coffee table.  So If I Had a Million Dollars, I would have a serious Thanksgiving-dinner-worthy formal dining room.

I love the whole feel of this room. It is chic and glamorous without being intimidating.  Have you ever noticed that? Some very glamorous rooms seem as though, if you were to talk into them, you wouldn't be allowed to actually take a seat.  Let alone eat a meal!  But not this room.  It still has that "homey" feel and I think the fireplace has something to do with it!   The ebony hardwoods are stunning against all the light built-ins and walls.  I also think the two small chandeliers are really understated and add just enough glitz without being ostentatious.

This is beautiful. Fabulous for a picture however, slightly unlikely that a white on white on white decor will go down the proverbial tubes with the first drop of gravy on the tablecloth.  Much like the untouchable room we discussed above.  I just threw it in because I still love the light airy feel and the a-symmetrical mirrors flanking the veiled, triple French doors are breathtaking!

I am drooling over this seating.  The idea of a settee at your formal dining room set is brilliant! The combination of lush velvets {the colors are combos are also brilliant} and texture from the earthy rug with the ornate wall paper. My only quibble is that the ceiling seems low, no?

Well in a perfect contrast to the previous image, I will take nothing in this room except the high ceilings and the stunning chandeliers.  I haven't ever seen ones like these before but I really truly love these.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that if I Had a Million Dollars, I would have a high ceiling'd, custom made cylindrical chandelier, veiled triple French doors, with asymmetrical mirrors, ebony floors and a fireplace.  In which I would put a plush velvet dining set, that includes a sofa seat on at least one side.
But instead... I guess I'll just have to live with having a coffee table for now.....

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