Monday, October 18, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Do you ever have those shopping trips where you plan on getting absolutely mundane things like soap or hand lotion and you walk out with forty dollars worth of amazing deals? I had 2 of those this weekend.  Good bye, Money. It was nice knowing you!  But man I scored this weekend when it came to mirrors especially. 

Remember a while back I started the hunt for the perfect {and perfectly priced} leaning mirror?  Oh. Yes.  I found it.

 But it was kind of a nightmare getting it home.  I went on an impromptu trip to Walmart with my might-as-well-be-sister-in-law {AKA Matts' sister} and friend Marion.  I had no shopping list.  I just wanted to get out of the house.  We did our thing and were trolling the store when I was stopped dead in my tracks.  There it was... leaning mirror and it was $44.  But it was bronze. Bummer.  Oh look at THAT! Behind the bronze mirror was a black version! I got weak in the knees.  It was love at first sight. This was all happening so fast!  I decided even though I wasn't done with my perusing, that the best bet was to buy it, throw it in the car and come back in and meet back up with Marion.  I even got it at 10% off because the back had a tear in the paper wrapping on the back that no one will ever see. I'll take it!

I grabbed her keys since she had driven and all 5' of me hauled the mirror outside.  Luckily, it was surprisingly light.  I thought I could just throw it in the car, taking for granted my sweet little hatchback.  It was no fault of Marion's or her car.  It was one of those darn impulse purchases that had no forethought involved.

{NB: this is not my actual car but its twin!}

I tried getting it in the car every way possible and it did not fit. Ratz.  I was sweating, it was getting dark and I was getting increasingly worried that this was just not going to happen until Marion came to the rescue.   With the seats racked in all wild positions and the windows open with corners sticking out... we managed to close the doors and make our way home.  Oy vey. 

When it made its way in, it took me a second to realize, there was a giant sticker on the front. 

So I peeled and got off what I could then busted out the rubbing alcohol. I know most people would use Goo Gone but I didn't have any on hand and patience is not my finest trait. So I've found that a paper towel doused in rubbing alcohol does a very quick and easy job of removing stickers from mirrors and glass.  This one was so big {probably 6"X8"... I mean, really?! They didn't think of making the tag on the back?!} that I really had to use some serious elbow grease.  And it made a serious mess. 

But it was nothing that a quick vacuuming couldn't fix.  Here is the final result. 

I finally feel like this is making my room come together once and for all.  This has definitely been the room that I have ignored the most. So what do you guys think? Vast improvement from before, right?  Have you guys found any good bargains that you want to share with us?  Please do! We're all waiting to hear from you!

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