Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hiya Nesters!  This morning- like most mornings lately- I've been getting up with my eyes still closed. I shuffle to the bathroom for my steamy morning wake-up shower. Most of my shower is performed also with my eyes closed. Only once I emerge from the powder room and turn on 'Good Morning America' do I start turning into a normal, cognisant human being.

I have my morning routine down to a science by now, since not much has changed in the last 4 or so years since being out of college and starting life in the workforce. But every year around this time before daylight savings time, when I start getting up before the sun it gets so much harder to adjust. But the one thing that helps me wake up is my morning tea.  Most people drink coffee but I prefer tea.  Black teas like Lady Grey or Early Grey tickle my fancy, but I know lots of people enjoy the herbal teas {Does anyone else find that redundant? they're tea, of course they're herbal!} but not me. I like mine with sugar and milk.  So what is the tea drinkers ultimate tool?  The kettle of course!

{Chantal Red tea kettle with whistle}

I love this uber classic kettle and that it provides a little pop of color in the kitchen to boot.  I find there is something sweet about a whistling kettle. So this cherry is a cute wonderful option.  Mine is a cute baby blue but its not exactly working with my yellow/green theme.  But its also pretty beat up so I'm considering swapping out for a neutral stainless steel one like this one. 

{Calphalon Collectors Edition 2-Quart Stainless Steel Tea Kettle with Glass Lid}

Its modern and yet classic as well.  This one is a work of art. Isn't it? *Swoon* In complete contrast, beautiful antique-looking copper kettles like this one have the power to stop me dead in my tracks.

{Old Dutch 2½ Qt. Solid Copper Tea Kettle}

The color combination is gorgeous and can make even the most modern of kitchens feel well loved, maybe a smidge weathered and lived in.  I love it!

However, from what I hear from true tea connoisseurs that the electric kettles take the cake.

{Capresso H2O Plus Glass Water Kettles}

I think it might have something to do with the lack of heated handle, a faster, more even boil and even *gasp* No whistling.  *sniff sniff* But I love the whistling. Well its not all about me I guess.  I think I'll stick with stove top for now but I'd love to hear what you think my lovely Nesters!  Do you have a preference? Do you find your gas or electric stove can effect your stove top kettle? We're all dying to hear! So spill those beans! {Or pour the hot water?}  Have a nice day!


  1. I love tea! I have to have a cup with milk and sugar every day, usually to unwind when I get home from work in the afternoon.

    We have this tea kettle (the white one):


    My hubby picked it out last year because it reminded him of his favorite Olympic sport: curling.

    I think I would miss the whistle of the tea kettle too!

  2. Oh yay! What a cutie choice! (and reasonable price to boot) I have to admit, I often have one after work too. Thanks for stoppin' by K-T! :)


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