Friday, October 22, 2010

If I had a Million Dollars: Pack-Rat

I love organization. I believe in labeling and everything having its place to be put away. Clutter is the product of not having a place for everything to go. I find that even though my closet is three times the size than it used to be, it is still busting at the seams.  That's why, If I Had a Million Dollars, I would build myself one really kick-ass walk in closet slash dressing room. And my girl Mariah has done it like no one else has...

{courtesy of Blulabel Bungalow}

There's something so incredibly decadent about having an entire room to house your sartorial goodies.  Only a select few people in this world have a full-out, no holds barred "dressing room." 

 {Courtesy of Belle Mansion}

Maybe some day I can convince Matt that I deserve a sewing room AND a dressing room.... or maybe they will have to be one in the same.  

I absolutely ADORE having these glass panelled doors on all the closets. In a way it wrangles all the clothes and gives it a confined uniformity but still allows you to peruse them without the need to open each and every door. 

 {Courtesy of Ermou Mag}

Talk about a fun and funky space! I think we all know my desire to have a hide rug of any kind.  So I can imagine no better place for one than in a dressing room. And can we talk about the fireplace too?  Spectacular. 

 {Courtesy of DecorPad}

This walk-in is reminiscent of a retail dressing room but I love the use of color in here. The pink accent wall is unmistakably girlie but is made a little cheeky with the sassy choice of hue and the touches of turquoise.

 {Courtesy of Decor Pad}

Small and amazing. The metallic wall paper reflects light making this small nook, seem bright and airy.  I love that it includes a vanity and combo work space too.  Talk about multitasking! Clothing and make up and computers! Oh my!

So, in my Million Dollar dressing room I would have this luxurious silk and gilt settee.  Doesn't it look like you could just flop right into this and ponder what outfit to wear?  Ugh!!  You can find it at Carolina Rustica for a mere $4785.

And I would of course never have a single wire hanger or even plastic hanger ever again.  My clothes would only hang on the plushest of plush silk padded hangers.  Tokyoblues sells these beauties on Etsy right here.

{Courtesy of Rags}

And I will leave you, Nesters, with our favorite fictitious journalist's walk-through closet.  The one and only Carrie Bradshaw.  Her closet is uniquely simple and iconic.   Representative of all of us fashionistas. 

So tip your glasses of champagne in honor of all the hard work we do and that we deserve a space to organize and admire all of our awesome shoes.  Even if we never wear them.  Happy Friday Nesters! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Oh whoa! You found way better images than I did! Wish I would have just read your blog, would have had all the inspiration I needed! I will have to cruise through your blog, we might have the same style!

  2. I definitely do because I'm also TOTALLY obsessed with all your renos. My fave is the chalk board bathroom. That is GENIUS!!!


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