Friday, October 15, 2010

Scent of a Woman-- er Room

Happy Friday Nesters! I think we're all feelin' that this has been one heck of the long week.  So lets wrap this week up with a light and airy topic:room fragrance!  We {in New England, at least} are prepping for the long haul of the Winter and inevitably longer Spring and we're battening down the hatches.  There will be a stretch of around six months where my windows stay shut {give or take...} and my house unavoidably becomes stuffy at times. I like to remedy this the old school way, with candles.

But these days, there are so many other options than candles. And often in safety conscious and baby-friendly homes especially, candles are on the black list. So what are the flameless cousins of our fiery friends that can freshen your home? 

The diffuser. These scented oils are wicked into your air with ultra lightweight reeds.  I do love this method but it has its ups and downs.  One bright side, they can come in really cute glass and porcelain containers {and you know how obsessed I am with all things glass} that add a decorative element.  But I do find their reach is minimal.  When I burn a good candle, I can smell it the apartment over. But one diffuser can basically take care of one quarter of your average size room.  They are a great resource for a small bathroom though! 

Room sprays.  These are a tough option. They cannot work by themselves when you're not home, they ain't workin' hard for ya.  They smell wonderful and come in a million scents but this isn't my favorite option personally. Do any of you have different experiences with these? 

Plug Ins.  I love these puppies. I have two plug-in shells one from Yankee Candle and a couple from Bath and Body Works.  I love the "volume" feature on these. You can turn up and down the power of the emitted scent.  However, pumping it up can diminish its life to only a few weeks and they aren't cheap.  But these are still one of my faves!

Flameless Luminaries.  Now these are new in my book.  Febreze has recently released this new product in general stores worldwide. I've never used them so I'm going to leave the review up to you guys.  They seem like a phenomenal option, but how is their reach?  It looks like they only have nine scents, not exactly a vast array but their portfolio is certainly growing- including a seasonal line.  So if you've tried these let us know how they went!

I must admit, as much as I love the safety feature of all these... I think my heart still belongs to the candles. What are your opinions Nesters? Is there a flameless option we didn't cover? Do tell!  Happy weekend all and I'll see you back here on Monday!

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