Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love. Like. Loathe.

Heya Nesters! Yellow, Aqua and Chocolate. Those are the colors of my bedroom.  Way back yonder, in my old apartment, I had the most beautiful pale aqua walls that were so incredibly soothing and they totally tied my whole decor together.

Now with the "no painting" policy in my current apartment, I have been feeling a bit lost in terms of where to go with my bedroom decor. 
The only way to fix my hurtin' room is to do what I do best: over analyze.  Let's break it down. That way you can help me figure out how to build it back up the way I really want.

From the bed vignette...

 I love:
-My $3 set of white mismatched nightstands.
-The $4 white mirrors over them.  

I like:
-The duvet but I'm trying to keep my eyes out for one that would look better.
-My $20 Crate and Barrel clone lamps but am thinking about repurposing them around the apartment.

I loathe:
-The crappy digital clock.
-The placement of that poster over my bed. 
-My bed frame. It was so last apartment. I'm over it. Time to get a tufted headboard. Stat.

What I'm pondering:
-Get rid of the poster.
-A temporary wallpaper treatment.
-A wall full-o-curtains.
-New headboard.

For the dresser vignette...

I love:
-The new colorful gallery over the dresser. 
-The vintage tray and hat. 
-The color of my dresser.

I like:
-The juxtaposition of the square frames and the round mirror, but I wish I could hang the mirror. Damn policy against screwing things into the wall! Argh! 

I loath:
-That my dresser is busting at the seams. No room at all. The bottom drawer, has fallen out on the bottom. I've tried to temporarily fix it but it keeps breaking again. I just need a bigger dresser. 

What I'm pondering:
-Perhaps replacing this dresser with an antique one that I could paint a color.
-Potentially moving to the other side of the room.

For the window treatment situation...

I love:
-The unique chiffon texture of these sheers.

I like:
-The color of them, but I feel like they're hindering me in the rest of the decorating of this room.

I loathe:
-The curtain rod. It's the gross builder standard. Heinous is the word that comes to mind.

What I'm pondering:
-Getting a double curtain rod to hang a heavier curtain over these sheers.
-Make my own roman shades since the size of the window isn't standard and doesn't fit standard shades. Those metal are an eyesore!

For the mirror...

I love:
-That this only cost $40
-That its a leaner.

I like:
-The standing lamp. It's okay. I can do better.
-The versatility of this mirror.  It can be hung vertically or horizontally if the leaner style mirrors says "Sayonara!"

I loathe:
-I actually don't loathe anything about this! 
What I'm pondering...
-I'm thinking of giving this an antique gold finish. {I'm also thinking of doing this with my coffee table.}


So what do you think, Nesters?  Have you guys been in that situation too? Moved and somehow the same furniture just didn't feel as special in the second space.  It just furthers my theory that every room has its own personality.  Later this week we'll take a peek at some awesome inspiration for my bedroom. So dish, Nesters! I can't wait to hear what you have to say!


  1. I totally agree that every space has its own personality. That's why I sold every single thing I owned...even my dishes...when I moved to this house. It's how I got started decorating with mid-century pieces.

    I also love how methodical you were in listing what you love, like and loathe. I think if we all did that occasionally, we'd be inspired to make some changes and recycle the things we hate. We wouldn't amass so much "stuff."

  2. Thanks Dana! I really need to get a sanctuary back and right now... my bedroom is NOT cutting the mustard. I always have these ideas floating around in my head about how to improve upon it but I just had to share it wit you guys to get your opinions! I wish I could have sold everything and started fresh like you! <3

  3. This is a great post--I like how you break down what works and what doesn't! I think it will be much easier and less intimidating to redo now that you know what's staying and what's going :)

    I really need to reorganize our bookshelves in our living room--they were the first thing I tackled when we moved in and could use some definite help!

  4. "-The crappy digital clock." That made me giggle. Its refreshing to see that we all loathe certain pieces of our homes!

    Newest follower here! :)

    xo- rachel @

  5. it took me about 5 minutes of staring at your first photo to realize that the lamp wasn't part of your bed post! I was like, "what a great idea, right there built in like that". Then I was thinking "but why is it at the foot of the bed". haha then I scrolled down and saw your last picture and realized I'm a fool.

    Another new follower here too!

  6. Wall to wall curtains - definitely. I thought of it as soon as a read about your no-painting prob.

  7. I'm so happy you all liked todays' post!

    Tanya- It is definitely a front runner.

    In An Envelope- I didn't even SEE that!! Good call out! And what a clever idea to put a lamp built into a bedpost! Hmmm I smell a patent coming on! Thanks for following!

    Rachel- Also thanks for following! Glad I could make you giggle! <3

    KT- Ugh! Bookshelves drive me crazy because they never look "orderly" enough for me!! Good luck with yours!

  8. Where did you get the leaner mirror?

    1. Hi Amber,

      I actually picked it up at Walmart! It was a steal at $40!! :)


  9. Dang i will have to get me one! that is a steal! i have always loved leaner mirrors.


Heya Nesters! I always love your feedback! So dish, because we all want to hear it! <3