Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If it ain't broke, dont fix it...

However, if it is.... you probably should fix it.  As we saw in my bedroom, I need to fix that heinous issue that's happening over my head when I snuggle up every night --That's right!  I'm talkin' about the bed frame and the framed poster over my bed.

Let's figure out how to fix it, shall we? Well first, I need to remove two things: the bed frame and the poster.  Yep, you guessed it! I'm going to sell that bed frame.  I'll post the craigslist URL when I do, just in case any of you local Nesters want to give it a happy new home.  I don't hate the frame at all. I think its perfect for the room I used to have and for the vision I used to have for this room.  But now it's become a bit too girlie and I'm going for a smidge more modern in here.

To achieve that more modern look, as I've discussed before, I want to make an upholstered headboard.  And now I need to figure out what to put over or next to- it, if anything at all! So lets take a look at some options and figure out what needs to be happening in my boudoir all together, k?  So seriously, this is where you guys come in.  I'm going to give numbers for each picture and I want you all to leave a comment with your vote for you fave and what you'd like to see in my house. And I'll {probably "we" really since I always drag Matt on my shopping hunts} make it happen.  Alrighty, Nesters here... we... go...

Number One

Keep it simple.  Either white canvases or mirrors hanging from ribbons.

Number Two

Nada over the bed, just make a really amazing shape to the headboard and let it stand on its own!

Number Three

Maybe with the right modern, clean lined headboard the poster wouldn't look too shabby after all.

Number Four

Make the headboard dramatically high and add longer narrower art above it. 

Number Five

Remember this guy from the other day? I could use my Federal Mirror over the bed with no headboard.

 Number Six

Get rid of the two white mirrors along with the poster and add a third gallery wall.

Alright, guys... let 'er rip!! I want to hear which room you would choose and why. And lets be real. They're all totally awesome.   I would be happy with any one of them. 

Which reminds me: Unfortunately these are all from fabulous designers around the blogosphere and I made the mistake of not noting the URL's when I added them to my inspiration folder!! Argh!! So, if this is your design please add a comment or shoot me an email and I'll give you 100% credit. I am a HUUUGE fan of giving credit when credit is due. And holy cow is it due for all these fab rooms.

I can't wait to hear what you all have to say!! <3


  1. oo I love either 2 or 4. Three because it makes your head board the focal point and I know that you would have a Gorgeous head board. also the long, tall mirrors to the sides- the way they are spaced out will make your room appear taller and wider therefore giving you a true master suit feel. that's my opinion at least. pretty much the same thing with number 4. I love the tall head board! that's a brilliant idea.

    anyways, I don't think you wanted that much detail but that's my opinion- either way I'm super excited to see what you do!

  2. They are all gorgeous but I like number one and number three the best, especially number three. It looks cozy with the way the lines are and yet modern at the same time :)

  3. Number Three is my favorite, hands down. I love the clean lines and button tufting. It's such a classic. I think it would be beautiful in any fabric or in a buttery-soft leather.

  4. They are all amazing, you're right! And it's really hard to choose! I would want headboard from pic no.1 and the picture from pic no.3!
    Happy Tuesday

  5. I like number 5 the best. It's the most glamourous and the side tables and lamps look like things you already own


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