Monday, March 28, 2011

Upholstery Class: Week 11 Satine Comes Home

Today is a very proud day, Nesters.  After eleven weeks of blogging about Satines' wild transformation from "drab to fab" I am thrilled to announce she is complete.

While I'm out-right tickled pink  navy that she's done-zo, let's not forget the last leg of the journey that got us here.

After all the decorative trim was complete, I had to deal with this lovely open back.  To maintain the beautiful curve of the seat, Kevin advised me to add some more webbing before adding the fabric.  This will help prevent any caving in.

On top of the webbing, I added a layer of scrap fabric.  Now, this is where function meets process.  This additional layer of fabric is on the outside back of most furniture.  Imagine this: you're moving a hulking couch by yourself and scooting it to the other side of the room.  What is the first thing you do? Go to the back of the chair, lever yourself against the back and heave using your knee/hip pushing into the back of the piece.  If it were just fabric, you might right a hole straight through.  This is why we add an extra layer underneath! To prevent caving in and holes.

Here is that extra layer all stapled on and ready for cotton. Again, in an effort to keep the shape of the curve Kevin advised to add a layer of cotton.

I pinned the outside back of the velvet and stapled the bottom in place.  I knew I could not let you guys down and had to bring Satine home with me. So, I tacked the cambric {the black fabric that goes on the underneath.} first and took her home all pinned up to blind stitched it by hand with a curved needle.  Sadly, I was so excited.... I didn't take any pictures of the back... {bad blogger, Gina, BAD!} 

So that means it just gives us more time to ogle her in her finished state....

So there you have it Nesters!  Was it as drastic of a change as you would have like to have seen?  Part of me wishes I had dressed her up in some wild Marimekko print or something to make it a much more epic change.  However, I felt like I had to keep with the nature of the silhouette and just let that stand on its own.  Do you agree, disagree or have a different opinion all together? Oh do tell, Nesters I'm dying to hear what you've got for me! <3


  1. I love your end result, especially given her shape! Classic fabric and lines like that will continue to stay in style and Satine will have a happy place in your home for many years :)

    I'm dying to know because you said you are taking more classes: what's next?!

  2. She looks gorgeous! I love the curved line of her back. And if you want to go wild with fabric, just make a throw pillow for her. That was if you get totally sick of it, you can just change it out.

    Awesome job!

  3. wow! She looks so pretty. Your hard work really paid off. How excited are you?!?

    I love the fabric you chose - and after all that work, you want something classic you won't grow tired of. Great choice! And now that you know how, you can tackle something else and use a crazy print.

  4. I love her. :) Congratulations to you on a job well done! I think your fabric choice was perfect, and that rich, beautiful color just kills me!

  5. Oh, Gina, she is spectacular. Bravo! You did such a beautiful job, and the fabric choice was perfect.

  6. I'm so impressed! You really did a great job! That fabric is perfect!

  7. She looks fantastic! Great job!

  8. she is just beautiful! you did a fabulous job. I am loving the understated fabric, and how it really lets her great curves shine


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