Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tea Parties and Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Happy St. Paddy's Day Nesters!  All one quarter of my heritage is celebrating today's very green day.  I hope you will too! {Responsibly of course!} With Winter coming to a close, there are few things I will miss about the doldrums of the season.  The perma-cold hands, the bundled up, motion preventing layers, sitting in a freezing car, waiting for it to warm up… none of those are fun, however… they do make me reach for a nice hot cuppa tea like nothing else.  I've talked about my romance with kettles here.  But that really is just what aids my tea habit.  I love tea.  I drink it almost every day {on the extra sleepy days, I reach for the coffee instead}  Specifically, Mr. and Mrs., Earl and Lady Grey.  {With two lumps of sugar and a dollop of low fat milk please!}  And I've always, ALWAYS wanted to have a garden tea party.  I'm not entirely sure if it's the "tea" part or the bite sized treats or the ultra feminine ambiance… but I am dying to have one!  So I am having one right…. now.  Since I have no lush garden, nor any specific occasion, it will remain a virtual tea party.  So, welcome! And with pinkies a-waggin' I say "CHEERS!" and let's indulge in these glorious shots of whimsy and splendiferous summertime…


Green, green green!  In honor of today's holiday perhaps? Instead of using the classic white porcelain, this hostess with the most-ess decided to go for a more rustic earthenware tea set to give added color to those delightful shabby chic white table.  What a smart cookie!
This couple make my heart melt. How sweet do they look? And the green and pink baby whoopie pies, perfectly stacked on the crisp white double tiered cup cake stand. *swoon* I love the soft, effortless sweetness of this whole set up.

Another effortlessly, preciously {yet perfectly} mismatched tablescape.  From the table cloths, to the chairs to the shapes of the tables!  In looking at them all individually could have been boring or "blah" but this just proves that styles correctly, you can make such simple home goods a special setting all its own.  Now let's not downplay the amazing pastel roses and the paper goods that are the absolute perfect finishing touches.

Excuse me now, but Matt and I must go lap up our tea in our Hall-of-Gilt-and-Bling while it's still piping hot!  I just hope my embarrassingly large ruffled dress doesn’t get in the way of sipping my tea!  Ta-ra, Nesters! I'll see you back here tomorrow! 

And have a wonderful St. Patricks Day!


  1. I love tea too! My sister and I have a tradition of going to a tea room for tea and tea sandwiches every time we are together :) They are the best!

    Happy St. Patty's Day!

  2. ahahahahah! love it!

    I want to go to an actual tea party! I should really make this happen ;)

    happy st pattys! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons


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