Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's Next?

Many of you have been asking, me after seeing pics of Satine, "What's next?" And let me tell you, that is one very good question.  I had my sights set on doing a wing back chair...


I was happy to watch two women in my new class tearing down two very different wing backs.  I see how much fabric they require {that my wallet can't handle} and have had some second thoughts.  Next, some of those very same ladies in my class have started discussing starting a headboard upholstering class.


And we've discussed right here that I'm dying for a new headboard.  We have enough people interested to start a class, and now we're just talking dates and logistics to get the ball rolling.  But that will have to be a whooooooole other class and not just the remainder of this one.  I started thinking about other things around my house that I could do quickly.

Any of you remember this old ottoman DIY project, when I made a slip cover?

I thought I could actually reupholster thing little guy but then my better judgement got through and I realized, I really want to reupholster something that is sturdy and will last me ages. Not an old Target collegiate ottoman that I can easily make a new slip cover for.  So, I rummaged around in the garage and remembered a piece that we trash-picked before I even started thinking about taking a class! It's not in terrific shape.  It's a little wobbly, and one of the springs is broken.  Ironically, it's blue velvet! HA! However this time, it's a super shiny baby blue, unlike the rich navy.  I apologize for the lack of picture but I promise I'll follow up with one shortly.  I'll bring it to class and see what Kevin and Pamela say about it. You know, whether it's worth it or not. We shall see...

So, that's my lengthy, stream of consciousness thought process that I will attempt to pass off as an answer to "What's next?"  I guess right now it's kind of a big question mark.  In the meantime lets just enjoy being an Auntie for the first time!!!! <3


  1. Can't wait to find out what happens next in the world of upholstering :)

    Congrats on being an aunt and have fun!

  2. Wow, the headboard class sounds like lots of fun.


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