Saturday, March 5, 2011


Just wanted to pop in on you guys to show you a GORGEOUS duvet that I'm considering to improve my bedroom that I broke down this past week.

Thank you Dwell designers for being amazing. You rock my world. This is modern and classic with a little hint of Asian inspiration and an amazing colorway. 

Now if only it was affordable.....


  1. Pretty!! Dwell makes a line for Target - more affordable, but same great style. Have you checked it out for a similar style?

  2. I knowwwwwwwww but am I totally picky that I want this EXACT one??? They have this one that is similar but the colors dont work with anything in my house. (which ive seen on a TON of HGTV shows)

    I wish they had it in other colorways. *grumble grumble grumble*

    I guess I'll just save up my pennies or keep looking!!! Thanks for helping though Tanya!! <3

  3. Really pretty! If you trust the latest CB2 catalog, yellow is THE color this season. I hope so. We just bought a great pair of yellow chairs.

  4. It really is beautiful! I hear you on the price.. but the print and colors are just so great!

  5. oooooh. How do Dwell products last over time? Are they a brand where you can depend on it lasting for years and years?

  6. oh its super expensive isn't it? boooo! Maybe they will make a super cheapo target version of this awesome design!? fingers crossed! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. Great comments ladies!!

    Dana- I love yellow its been a fave of mine for a while now. Half of my wardrobe is yellow too! Soon I'll look like one big yellow blob! haha

    Jane- I know. Isn't it spectacular? *swoon* But my wallet doesnt like it. :(

    HH- I'm not sure how they hold up. I would hope at that cost they would be able to be handed down to my grandkids!! The only forseeable problem is that it is pretty specific when it comes to design and I'm pretty fickle with my design. So I could see getting it and then being sick of it in a year. And then I've dropped so much change on something that sits in the linen closet and that is a huge bummer. So if it were half the price it would be worth it.

    Jenn- I have my fingers AND toes crossed that they would make this for target. Or any discount retailer or that matter!! some day....

    thanks for all the sweet comments ladies! come back tomorrow to see Satine! She's come a long way!!

  8. oh i LOVE this. love the yellow. so spring-y!

  9. My mom bought a Dwell duvet cover and I was very surprised by how thin the fabric was. It is a cream background and you can almost see the actual duvet through it. Not sure about thread count, I don't remember. My problem is I'm bored of many textiles before they actually "wear out," which is super embarassing. My grandma would be ashamed.

  10. Those colors are so, so vibrant and fun! I hope you get it!


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