Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Raz

Nesters, meet my nephew, Lucca Parker Alterio... {AKA The Raz....}

He was born yesterday at 10:38 AM with a full head of hair, bright blue eyes and is the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life.  I will have to travel to NYC to meet him face to tiny little face over the weekend but I'm already in love.  How could you not with those chubby cheeks!! 

When I meet him I'll be bringing him the stuffed animal I made for him.  I'm thinking we could call him "hop" or the ever classic "Thumper"

I didn't even think of the whole "bunny" and "Easter" thing until Matt mentioned it. What a happy accident!

I used that super extra soft fabric on the paws and ears.  I also embroidered the eyes and nose instead of using buttons as the pattern called for.  We don't want any babies eating any buttons off any bunnies faces, now do we?

I left the center back open to stuff it and used a small whip stitch to close it.  And I can't wait to give it to me precious little guy.

Right now, I'm pretty sure it will be bigger than he is... but hopefully he'll grow into dragging him around town by the ear.  So! Do you like it, Nesters? Have you made a bunny too? I want to hear all those thoughts, so dish! <3


  1. your stuffed bunny is the sweetest most beautiful stuffed animal ever.... word travels fast, Lucca already told me he loves it.

    you are amazing Auntie! dp

  2. Thanks Donna!! :) I've grown a little attached to the bunny myself... but im willing to share... ;)

  3. Congratulations Aunt Gina! That rabbit is just to freakin cute for words.

  4. What a gorgeous nephew...and what an adorable bunny. Is there anything you can't do? Tell The Raz hello from my two grandbabies, Goo Bear and Gray Bear (aka Holden and Grayson).

  5. Hehe Dana maybe they can be pen pals some day!! :) when they can all write that is... Haha :)

  6. Congrats!
    So wonderful, aunty Gina!


  7. Oh Gina he is adorable! Enjoy this special time with your family :)

    P.S. That bunny is super adorable!!

  8. what a precious little guy he is!! I love it when they have lots of hair, they are just soo cute!
    Livy Love


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