Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby Shower Reveal

Heya Nesters! You may have noticed I've been a little MIA in the last week or so. I've been prepping for the long distance baby shower I have been planning for my brother and sister-in-law.  I'm happy to announce that all my hard work paid off.  It's over, the party was a success and I can finally breath.

The best decor of all was the nearly 360 degree view of Manhattan from the 38th floor, with a beautiful blue sky and warm{ish} Spring{ish} day.

 Well, I can at least start cleaning up my house from the tornado of crafting that went on!  And I am sad to say that despite all my hard work putting it together, I will share with you right now my meager amount of pictures that I took at the shower.  There were mere moments between the finishing touches of the set-up and the first guests arrival.  {During which, I had to change too!} So, I didn't have a tripod or time on my side to take pictures that do it justice, but at least you can get an idea.  Lets take a look at a chunk of the "before".  That is... before we packed up the car with all this, all Moms food and all of us and drove 3.5 hours to Manhattan.

My little man's name is Lucca and he's already got a nickname which is *"The Raz" both of which make cameos on the bunting I made from different patterned and solid colored scrap booking paper.

The super fun multi-colored polka dotted paper is from none other than Target.  It really added much needed color to the room.  I think one of my favorite aspects of this was the use of burlap as the table cloths.

In some cutie little buckets picked up in the dollar section of Target, and we ran out to get some Gerber Daisies, alas they didn't have any! But they had some spectacular colored tulips, so tulips it is! We had quite the spread of decadent appetizers, cupcakes, cookies and a mocktail bar. {Which of course was my favorite part that I didn't take a pictures of. What was I thinking!?}

I used red yarn to string all the garlands and the puffs, which I wasn't totally sold on... they were intended on being used solely for the garlands but the puffs needed to be hung as well! What else was a girl to do!?

This is what greeted you as you stepped out of the elevator into the room.  To liven things up a little bit, I got some fun gag gifts like silly puddy, fake teeth, beagle pusses and harmonicas.  People seemed to like those quite a bit.  Silly Rabbit! Who says those are just for kids! The bullhorns were actually a birthday gift to my brother that Matt and I picked up at the flea market last week.  I had no intention of using it as decor but it somehow just worked.  At the last minute, I made a couple of cutie little signs that read "You must have been a beautiful baby, 'cause baby look at your now!" and scattered them around the party. In hindsight, I should have framed them and placed them around the party but my brain wasn't working properly.  I was running on very little sleep.

Despite all the chaos, and the lack of my own pictures, it was a good time and most importantly we could all be there to celebrate the impending arrival of our little Raz.  Now I just can't wait to meet him. I have a feeling we are going to be BFFs.

So now I'm back in action, Nesters! I promise! Hiatus OVER! I have some fun projects coming up so I hope you enjoy them! Happy Tuesday! <3

* The Raz is derived from "The Raspberry" because during the first doctor's appointment, they were told he was about the size of a raspberry.  He was referred to as "The Raspberry" and then "The Raz" ever since.  I wonder how long it will stick....


  1. The burlap next to those bright colors was an AWESOME idea and it looks GREAT!

    Congratulations on a job WELL DONE!

  2. Those are some great pictures--looks like it was a fun party!

    The Raz is a much better nickname than the Rat, which is what the host of Mexican Made Easy on the Food network calls her son...random tidbit there for you :)

  3. Beautiful! Looks like everything turned out perfectly. And that spread of food looked absolutely delicious. I love how nicknames seem to form and stick. When my grandson Holden started to coo and goo, he bacame The Goo Bear, which evolved into The Goo. Now baby Grayson has become The Gray Bear. Somehow I think Goo and Gray will stick till they get old enough to make us stop. :)

  4. Great job Gina! It's the most amazing gift to become an aunty! I love every second of it =) You will be an awesome aunt. My lil nephew's nickname is "boo boo bear" haha I have no idea why I gave him that name, but I love it. Please send me pics of your nephew when he arrives into this world. Much happiness and joy goes out to you and your family! xoxo

  5. Everything looks amazing! Love the cute and colorful buntings! I bet they were over the moon happy!! xxx

  6. Everything looks so great! i'm a new follower, thanks for stopping by yesterday!

  7. You take the cake in party planning! Looks like everything turned out beautifully and I am sorry I couldn't be there.

  8. It looks like a great shower - I love the idea of the paper to add color...brilliant. And the burlap looks great on the tables!



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