Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shattered Glass

Heya Nesters!  Last week while I was snowed in and removing all the Christmas decor from the homestead, I made a boo boo.  A big, made my heart sink, boo boo.


 Ugh... I am such a klutz. Too bad I have an affinity for all things glass.

Once upon a time,  that mess looked more like this.

And this...

As I was cleaning up all the Christmas goodies, I had this puppy in my arms, cradled ready for its nesty-friend to reclaim its home once again.  I leaned over to grab something off the floor and...

Crash! Boom! Bang!

Luckily it was only the lid, so I made do and worked with what I had.

What a better place for a nest than a birdcage? And of course I had to make it look a little more decadent and added some of the candles that used to live inside the cage.  But seriously, how could it be more appropriate to have a nest in a cage in the casa de Temporary Nest? I couldn't resist.

You may notice, while changing up the top shelf, I also whipped up another shelf!

Begrudgingly, I had to move the shelf down one peg in order to fit the candle sticks.  Which I don't think I ever mentioned, but I picked those interlocking swirl candlesticks from The Red Envelope a few years back for a mere $6.95 a pop on clearance.  Sweet deal, right?  Anyhoo, In the end it was worth it because I think this little set up is so funny and wonderful.  If you can't have a little humor in your own home, you're being far too serious with it.  So I added my Audry Hepburn tiara from Halloween to my beloved skull.

There you have it, Nesters! Short and sweet today. Just little mini changes to my house that make me smile.  And that's why I always laugh when people ask me if my house is "done yet."  HA! Not when I can make little switcheroos like these to keep my guests on their toes! 

So now I pose the question to you:  What is it that you do at home that isn't epic, or significant, but just makes you smile? Maybe light a certain scented candle? Or buy a favorite hand soap? Or maybe you make funny little vignettes like me?  Dish, Nesters! I'm waitin' to hear from ya!


  1. I'd say definitely lighting candles. I just lit some last night while I was catching up on my Google Reader :)

    And when guests come over for dinner, you better believe I will have all sorts of candles lit--a trick I learned from my mom. It just makes the space feel warm, special and inviting!

  2. I love for my house to look good AND smell good. I use scented oil burners from Bath & Body Works and Lampe Berger instead of candles. I also love fresh flowers and colorful vintage glass pieces, so I have some great pieces of Blenko and Kosta Boda positioned to catch the sunlight.

  3. Great tips, gals!! I think we all agree, having a wonderful smelling house wins over the heart. Whatever your "tool" of choice! Hehehe I'm a candle burner but I am so intrigued by the oil burners too! Dana, any special reason you prefer the oil and the Lampe Bergers? Great thought to catch the light with the colorful glass! One of my favorite things is when you can see a rainbow on the wall. It's somehow a special, peaceful moment, dont you think?

    Thanks for stopping by ladies! I love hearing your comments! <3


Heya Nesters! I always love your feedback! So dish, because we all want to hear it! <3