Thursday, January 6, 2011

{Pre} Re-Upholstery Excitement

Heya Nesters!  I am so excited to let you all in on a liiiiiiittle secret:  I am starting an 8 week re-upholstery class on Saturday!  That. is. RIGHT! I am going to tear apart and re-upholster a chair and I couldn't be more excited.

You get to bring your own piece that over the weeks, you completely refurbish.  As I started researching the class, I already knew exactly what piece I wanted to use.  My mom has had a roll back slipper chair for decades.  The shape is very similar to this one. 


It is fabulous in the most Moulin Rouge-y way possible.  She's adorned in red tufted velvet and corded trim.  I have no clue where or when she got it but it was in my childhood bedroom for a very long time until I of course in my "tweens" it was replaced with a classic piece...

Via Source Promo

I wish I was kidding.  *Hangs head in shame*  We've all had that phase though, right?  The inflatable chair is to the nineties what that pouf will be to the 2010's, right?

Via Lush Lee

Anyway... back on topic. I will be sure to take as many pictures as humanly possible throughout the process.  Including a "before" which I have yet to take, hence why I can't actually show you the the courtesanian seat.  Hopefully it will be a good jumping off point for more chairs and more complex pieces to come!

Now let's just hope I don't staple/nail/drill/hammer {or any combination of the aforementioned afflictions} myself.  However with my luck, those odds aren't lookin' in my favor.  So are you guys excited for me or what!? Have any of you taken a class in re-upholstery?  Successfully, I hope?  If nothing else, wish me luck!!


  1. I'm glad to hear you got into the class. Have fun :o)

  2. That is so awesome! I've been wanting take an upholstery class for ages because I can only do simple stools and kitchen chairs, which a person can only have so many of. I'm so excited to see pics of your progress. I hope you have a great time!

  3. That's awesome! I am so excited for you/jealous...I have always wanted to take a class like that. You will definitely have to let us all know how it goes! :)

  4. I teach upholstery classes to everyone like you. The classes are so much fun, in fact, I have a class here in about an hour. If anyone ever has any questions, please feel free to ask. I have fifteen years experience in the business and I've been posting projects for about three. shelly leer
    Where are you taking your class?

  5. ooooooooh! VERY excited to follow this project!!!!

  6. Thanks for the love, Nesters! I am super excited to begin! I spent my evening browsing Home Depot for my required tools! Until Saturday morning I'll be daydreaming about getting started. :)

    modhomeecroom- the class i'm taking is in Arlington, a suburb of Boston. Here is the website for the school:

  7. That sounds like so much fun!

    Just found your blog!
    New Follower :)

  8. Thanks for following Greers! I love me some new readers... hope you like it!


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