Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Man's Man Macho Bedding

My boyfriend is great. He's a real guys' guy.  He's a boxer, watches MMA, and listens to "metal".  {And he wants a monster truck but that idea was shot down... promptly.} But like most manly men, he's also a total softy on the inside. So he loves going to flea markets, yard and estate sales with me and helping me with DIY ideas.  He will even give me opinions on other furniture and decor choices! I love it! {Though, he may not be thrilled that I told the entire interwebs that. Oops!}  

But he has had the same comforter and sheet set since he moved into his condo a few years back.  It's a fun neutral palette of mixed prints with paisley's and modern, interlocking patterns. And as wonderful as it is, it has become threadbare from so many years of washing and sleeping. So, I have been on a mission: Find new, masculine bedding for ma' ma'an.   His only true criteria were that it was a bed in a bag {question free since its all comes together...} and that it was brown.  His whole house is painted various complimenting shades of brown, and he wants to keep it in that theme.  A-hunting I went...

This West Elm duvet set is pretty far off the criteria, but I loved it!  Ok, it's not brown... but it's neutral enough! And okay, its not a comforter set... but heck! duvets are the best! You know my obsession affinity for them...

via Target
Ppprrrrrrr.... hello lovahhhh! Nope! Don't even need to say anything about this one! No leopard for him thank you! But on many of the websites I perused, when I filtered for "brown" leopard was all that showed up. Really?  Who are the designers that keep saying "I'm going to reinvent animal print... !"  I can dig a throw pillow here or there but a whole comforter? It's reminiscent of Night at the Roxbury.
Via Bed Bath and Beyond
Now this one I liked.  It's from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's a "complete bedding ensemble" as they called it.  It is brown and a muted blue.  Manly, enough colorway.  Then the bold stripes make it that much more chic.  But sadly the "full" size is out of stock.  Ratz. Out of stock, out of luck.

Via Target
And then I found this one. It's by Thomas O'Brien for Target.  It's called Charcoal but it looks pretty brown to me! It's a masculine, herringbone pattern. Tres chic. I love it. It's not a comforter set, just comforter and two shams. But with me around? I think we can swing finding matching sheets.  The link was sent to Matt and he loves it!  Now is the true test.  It is out of stock online, however, I saw it in the store just this past weekend!  We will head back this Saturday with our fingers crossed that it will still be there.  Wish us luck!

Now it's your turn. What kind of comforter have you been looking for? Do you have strict criteria or are you more like me and when you see it, you know! Its like love at first sight!  Or maybe you've spied a good set that could be a back up for our quest? Share the link!


  1. Usually anything Designers Guild makes is on my checklist. I am currently rocking their Bourton Woven set. I love anything white with great stiching or embroidery, but with a cat and careless manfriend, it will have to wait for my future guest room.

  2. Classic! I am dying for the pottery barn ivory velvet duvet coverbut I think it might be a "just for me" thing... hehe :)


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