Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not quite a resolution...

Heya Nesters!   So I've been noticing all these blogs posting their list of New Years resolutions.  I'm not super huge on resolutions because they always get forgotten about, or put on the back-burner when life gets in the way. {The only thing I resolved last year was to have better posture. Which actually has worked so I'd like to keep that up, I suppose. The less of a hunchback I am the better, right?!}  My point is: Instead of a resolution list, I'm just making myself a To-Do Checklist. 

The checklist involved everything from DIY's I want to finish, to shopping and organizing. So without further adieu, here are my To-Do's:

1) Dresser hunt.  Find an antique dresser to replace the silver dresser that holds all my crafting goodies. I am on a big-time man-hunt for that puppy and I basically want this exact one. So if you know anyone willing to part with one, please email me!! I am DESPERATE!

Once in place, I'm going to hyper organize the drawers like Martha would.

via Martha Stewart Living

2) Fix up the "new" vintage end table.... now that could mean painting, stripping and staining or maybe just a good waxing?  Opinions welcomed and appreciated!

3) Hang up the map. Finally DIY my master plan for my world map that's been sitting in the corner for months...

 That will remain a surprise how it will be hung....

4) Make a headboard.  A tufted one. I'm thinking velvet?  Or maybe go trendy and cheap with burlap? We'll see but I love a shape like this....

Via Decor Pad

....and sell the old bed frame on Craigslist.  

5) Buy power tools in order to complete said projects. I have a gift certificate to Home Depot, so as soon as I can get my tushy over there, this will be checked off the list! Orbital sander and hand held jigsaw, here I come! Any other essential power tools I should invest in? 

6) Rugs, rugs, rugs!  

...No, not toupee's.
I need new rugs in the kitchen, since my $3 matchstick ones are filthy and virtually impossible to clean.  I need to consolidate from 2 small bathroom rugs, to 1 large rectangular rug.  I'm thinking jute? I need a new rug in the bedroom, since I only have a runner.

A-rug huntin' I will go!

7) Buy a secondhand filing cabinet. I desperately need more filing storage-- that isn't in my closet. Why is it in my closet? Oh, because its UGLY! Obviously. So I'm going to buy the cheapest second hand filing cabinet I can find, but the fun part? I'm going to DIY it like Casey did over on Design Sponge

It's the things dreams {and paper files} are made of.  Like the dresser, once its up and running-- hyper organized.  No. Seriously. It will be filing like WOAH! 

8) Complete an Ana White Project. I'm thinking.... make my own mantel? I am desperate for one, so why not make my own with those power tools from #5?

via www.ana-white.com

So that's about it for now.  All are achievable in 2011 but hopefully I can get them done sooner than that and even add a few more as the apartment grows {figuratively of course, though how nice would it be if I could actually expand the square footage of this place....} and things are worked out.  But what about you?  Do you believe in resolutions? Or are you a little more like me: giving yourself projects?  Have you accomplished any of these DIY's? Or do any of you carpenters have any tips on what brands/models of sanders and jigsaws to get? Spill it, Nesters! I'm dying to hear what you've got to say!


  1. good idea. i'm not a big fan of resolutions either! do you live in the chicagoland area? if so, there is a great antique store in naperville that might have that dresser.
    also, the paint we used is benjamin moore, baltic gray color matched with valspar.

  2. Hey Alison! Thanks for stopping by! I live in the boston area unfortunately too far from the chicagoland area! Rats! But thanks for the tips! And now I have to figure it what to paint that color because I love it!

  3. I got a gift card to Home Depot for Christmas too--here's hoping you get some feedback on what type of orbital sander and jigsaw you should get since that's what my gift card is earmarked for too! :)

  4. Just a tid-bit of info, in case you didn't know, if you get a jute rug, you absolutely have to get a rug pad under it! Jute secretes much like a sap tree does and over time it will completely stick to your floor if you don't put a barrier between it and your floor. Most places that sell a jute rug recommend a pad, but don't tell you why it is a necessity!

    My friend had one on her hardwood floors (in a place that she was renting) and had to refinish all the floors because of a little jute rug!


  5. Thanks for the tip Whitney! I do love jute rugs!! If I ever find "the one" I will surely get a rug pad with it!!


Heya Nesters! I always love your feedback! So dish, because we all want to hear it! <3