Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Final fabric

Heya Nesters! Todays post is going to be a "quickie"!  Yesterday, I alluded to my upholstery fabric debacle... well let me tell you, choosing a fabric that is the perfect color and most importantly the perfect price.

I was planning on purchasing my fabric through my school which sells Kravet fabrics which are a reputable family run business.  But being that my class is on Saturday, I would be unable to get a price quote immediately on fabrics.  So when I originally wanted the dusty blue...

I had to wait to get my $53/yd quote.  Velvet runs pretty pricey and so this wasn't too shocking for me.   Too bad I had a revelation and decided to scrap the dusty blue and to shift my gears towards navy.

I signed a check over to Pamela for $200 thinking that would cover the expense.  I got a quote back later in the week that this navy velvet that looked near identical to the dusty blue, was $79 per yard!  Keep in mind, I need to buy four yards to complete the chair.  That is almost $300 on my first reupholstery project.  As much as I loved the color, and I know you guys did too.... I just couldn't bear to spend that much of my hard earned savings on fabric for a chair that it is plausible that I could screw it up.  I know, me mess anything up? HA! Never! I'm just pullin' your leg... more like "always."  I started looking online but since I couldn't see or feel it in person before purchase, I quickly nixed that idea.

I was a lucky girl when I found out that Zimmans, a suburban upholstery fabric store was having a sale.  They are normally open during the hours I'm at work.  Well that didn't help me out.  They are also open on Saturdays, but with class being on Saturday, it kind of defeated the purpose.  But there it was, just on the home page: Anniversary Sale Sunday 1/23.  I couldn't believe my eyes. This past Sunday and only this Sunday they would be open and everything in the entire store would be on sale. 

It was fate.

 Their selection of velvets spanned rows and rows and floor to ceiling! It wasn't just solids but also fun Marrimekko-esque prints in velvet!


But lets get down to business.  They had some beautiful blues, teals and greens.

My mom {who was my co-pilot for the day} tried to convince me to go for this inexpensive forest green instead.  

Upon further inspection, we realize it was less pricey for a reason.  It didn't have the depth that most of the other velvets had. 

And there she was. My navy.  She was rich, had depth that will look amazing tucked into the tufting.  And she was only $49 per yard.  It seems outrageous doesn't it? I know.  But I see it as an investment piece.  It's my first step in my new life direction.  This velvet is an investment into my future.

With the 20% off the grand total was $175, around $75 less than the navy I had chosen before!  Everything just seemed to fall into place the way it should have with this class.  I can't help but think that it was a little bit of fate helping it along.  I can't wait to start dressing up Satine! 

So there you have it, Nesters!  My total fabric debacle that has been solved! Hooray!  Have you ever had a situation like that? Where you just couldn't find what you wanted for the price you wanted to pay?  How did you solve your issue? Did you have a fateful sale, like I did?  Or maybe found a great coupon?  Spill it, Nesters, because we're all dying to hear!!


  1. That is gorgeous and even more brilliant and saturated than the other navy fabric anyway!

    I can't wait to see it on Satine :)

    I saved a lot of money on my wedding dress by buying a sample dress--we went to a local boutique (my mom's friend is the seamstress there and told us about the sale) and I could only try on four dresses. Not to worry, "the one" ended up being the first one I tried on :)

    We saved almost fifty percent this route and I was able to get a beautiful dress for less!

  2. What a bargain KT! and an important bargain at that! I know all too well with the biz im in what an amazing gown you can find at a sample sale with a little searching and some luck!

  3. I love the color. It's gonna look great!

  4. You found a great bargain on some beautiful fabric. Best of luck on your upholstery project. I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

  5. Hi Gina!

    Found your blog through 4 the Love of Wood and I'm so excited to read about your adventures in upholstery (and read more on your blog in general!)



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