Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mystery Date

Heya Nesters!  I know many of you were interested to find out about Matt and I's romantic mystery date! Well I am here to tell you that my amazingly romantic and thoughtful boyfriend surprised me with private ballroom dancing lessons.


In college I took a ballroom dancing class and also was even a member of the Syracuse Swing Dancing Club.  After college I stopped dancing all together until I took another swing dancing class just when Matt and I met.  The poor guy had his ears chatted off about how much I loved it but it was all couples, and lonely ol' me.  But I knew he would never be interested, so I never asked to take a class together!  I guess he listened pretty darn well though.

In our what seemed like way-too-short-lesson we learned the Foxtrot and Swing!

We did basic steps, a couple turns and spins and it was great!  We laughed and smiled the entire time.  And now we won't have to worry about dancing at all the weddings we go to!

Now I want to impress upon you what a big step this is for him.  Matt {like my Dad and brother} is a drummer.  They are the men behind the rhythm.  They don't get up and do the dancing, they sit behind the kit and make the music.  So, the fact that he got up from the kit and took my hand and asked me and only me to dance... well... it makes me feel nothing short of special.

Matt and I at a wedding, June 2010

After our super fun work out, he surprised me with dinner at a local micro-brewery that I had never even heard of!  {We both love a good mirco-brew.}  We enjoyed a couple of awesome burgers and tater tots.  We're not the schmancy, Filet Mignon types.  A burger is more my speed.  Then came home and just vegged out together in our PJ's, popping a bottle of champagne in celebration of our best anniversary yet.

So there you have it Nesters! What we did for our happily ever 2 years after. <3

What did you guys do for your anniversary this year? Or what would your fantasy anniversary date be?  Would you love to do ballroom dancing? Did you already take a class with your hubby for your wedding? Dish!! We're all dying to hear about it! <3


  1. What a great mystery date! J and I didn't take dance classes before our wedding although I really wanted to (being in two different states for 4 weeks before the wedding and 4 weeks after the wedding made that difficult)

    Now I know what I want our next date night to be--dancing :)

  2. Aww that stinks that oh guys didnt have mug time together before and after your wedding! But I'm sure it made the time together afterwards that much sweeter! And you should totally go dancing it was the best date ever!!


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