Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flip Flop

Heya Nesters! I am here and back in action!! If you caught last nights "post of the fly", my internet and phone were both down.  Luckily I had my cell as my means of backup so I could send you guys a little SOS note.  Anyhoo, lets get back to our regularly scheduled programming.  On Friday, I posted about Mud Rooms.  One of my most regular readers and commenters, KT over at KT's Refinishing School, mentioned she had to walk around the house in order to put her shoes away... and it got me thinkin'. My set up for my front apartment door, is a little ...well, backwards. 

My usual routine goes something like this: 
Unlock door, leave keys in door, walk into house, trampling all my dirty shoe gunk in order to turn on the light, walk back to where the shoes live and remove said shoes, almost forget keys in the door, vacuum gunk trampled into house.

 Not. Fun.

When I was bored and internetless, I assessed my situation. If I just flipped where the chair and end table are, it would completely solve my situation.  So I picked myself up by my bootstraps off the couch and fixed it. 

It took me approximately 4 seconds to complete.  Until I realized one  intrinsic problem... the new placement of the lamp completely eclipsed 2 the images on my gallery wall. Well that wasn't going to work for me.

See what I mean? Yeah.  No good.  {But gahd I love that lamp.}

Luckily, it was nothing that a quick shift of a nail wouldn't fix. Tadaaaaa!

I, also, finally took advantage of the space underneath the second tier and threw the other picture under there.  Plus an extra, too.  I reused the silver place mat from the Christmas centerpiece as a "catch-all".  I realize it doesn't actually catch anything but it still seems to wrangle things together a bit.

hmmm... note to self: need a catch-all.

That's it, Nesters! So whattaya think? Better than before, right? I can avoid all the junk between keys in door and kickin' my feet up.  I tested it out when I got home today from work. 100% better.  And I guess that's all your house is about; making it work for how you live your life.  What have you changed in your house that makes it fit the way you live your life? Maybe you only eat totally fresh foods, so you don't have a freezer?  Or maybe you chose a glass shower stall over a tub? What did you change and why? Spill it, Nesters! We're all dying to hear it!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Gina :)

    Believe it or not our bathroom does not have a vent fan--it has a small metal window that you can open to vent, which just doesn't work when the weather drops below 32 degrees.

    Our solution so the bathroom doesn't get foggy and potentially mildew-y: leave the bathroom door open. We have a solid colored shower curtain and of course allow our guests to close the door but for daily use, this is a better solution than get blasts of frigid air while showering!

  2. That's a great solution KT! I have had apartments with that same issue, and I found even leaving the door cracked helped a lot! I guess you just have to have house guests only in the summer, so they have open the window!! haha :)

    I also just realized that I spelled the word "catastrophic" wrong on my first image. Too bad Photoshop doesn't have spell check!

  3. Isn't it funny how the little changes make such a huge difference? I used to store my favorite tea in the back of the cupboard (because its the biggest tin and I organized by size) and then, one day - three years later - I reorganized so my tea was in the front. That little change seriously made my life better and I can't for the life of me figure out why it took so long!
    P.S. I also heart your lamp.

  4. Tanya- It totally is so funny when that happens! I cant believe I didnt think of it sooner. And the tea! What a small change that makes such a big difference! Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Nesters! Keep the comments rolling in! :)

  5. Nice! It looks great. I love little changes that have function and aesthetic impact. Very satisfying :)

  6. It really does look better to have the leggy, open-to-the-air side table (not to mention glass lamp) as your first glimpse into the room rather than a black stop sign.

    I finally (I think) hit on the right living room arrangement after seeing a Nate Berkus designed room similar to the bones of mine. Never would have thought of it on my own!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

  7. That's awesome Camille! Doesn't Nate solve all of our problems? Love him.


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