Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Me, Matt and Thomas

Heya Nesters!  Last week I told you how I embarked on a journey of finding the perfect masculine bedding for my manly boyfriend, Matt.  I thought all hope was lost when the only one we both absolutely, undoubtedly loved... was out of stock.

Talk about a sucker punch in the gut.  Oof.

I thought I had seen it the week before in store, but I started second guessing myself when I saw it was out of stock on line.  It was in our "date" plans to head to Tar-jay and get these awesome new bed clothes {as my grandmother used to call them}.   We have a funny way of showing each other affection.  We run errands. HA!  Matt wasn't feeling very well, so I dropped him home and headed to Target myself.   When I said I was on a mission, I meant it.  I wasn't ending that day without new linens.

Much to my delight, I was right! There was 2 comforters left. One king sized. And one Full/Queen. Serendipity?  I think know so. The only thing left to grab were new sheets to work with the new "charcoal" comforter and shams.  As much as it said charcoal on the packaging, to me, it was brown and white herringbone.  I pulled several different colors of sheets to match with it. 

This set was evocative of his old comforter set. But I thought the pattern on pattern despite both being fairly subtle, were too much.  Solids, definitely solids. 

This latte color is very close to the color of his walls but it just wasn't right.

And then I found the chocolate brown.  It was perfect. Masculine, it worked so well with the "charcoal." This set was 325 threadcount which isn't spectacular but an upgrade from his 200 threadcount.  The inexpensive/amazingly soft set of 600 threadcount sheets I got from Target a while back seem to not be carried anymore!  Ratz!  So, I could spend $70 and get him Fieldcrest 600 threadcount sheets or $29.99 on these beautiful and still soft brushed cotton 325.  It was a no-brainer. 

I hurried back to his condo so excited to strip his bed, my legs were like jelly and my palms were sweaty.  {Sounds more like a heart attack?} I left no time to spare and here is the final product.

Wrinkle-free, my behind!  The only qualms Matt had about the sheets were that they were slightly ... lustrous.  He said he felt like Hugh Hefner. But I assured him, over time with ware and washing, they would lose the bright sateen finish.

The reverse side of the comforter is just as cute.  Now this is the side that reads as charcoal to me.

Notice, the new comforter coordinates with the shoes I got him for Christmas.  Eh? Eh? Who has two thumbs and is an awesome girlfriend? THIS GIRL! 

The grand total for a whole new bed?
Thomas O'Brien Menswear Comforter Set: $99.00
+Target Home Wrinkle Free Sheet Set: $30
Sub total: $129
- Target Gift Card: $25
Grand total {with taxes}: $113

Not too shabby!  We couldn't wait to go to bed with Mr. Thomas O'Brien!!  Particularly with the addition of a memory foam mattress topper that his sister gave him for Christmas. And let me tell you, we slept like babies.

So what do you think? Still masculine enough? Too wrinkly for you? Do you hate the shiny sheets, too? Tell me what you think! We're all dying to hear it so, DISH!


  1. Love the colors! Very good choice!

  2. I love the comforter and think the sheets look great although I think the kicker is the memory foam mattress topper...sounds heavenly! :)


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