Friday, January 14, 2011

If I Had a Million Dollars: Jewels for Your Rooms

I have a confession: I am scared of using bold colors in my home.  I think many people feel that way.  I have ideas galore of great colors and what would work without clashing but still being bold and make a statement.  And then I step into my beige house. Hello, Beige couch.  Hello, Beige walls, Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom.... everything!  But it's safe.  My theory is that down the line I will have a home I own, that I can paint the walls rich colors and that way my furniture will match whatever walls I paint!  That's why this week, If I Had a Million Dollars I would have my whole house in rich, saturated jewel tones. 

 The accessories in this room really complete the jewel toned heaven. The chair that incorporates all the colors and the bedding are all spectacular. Is it bad that my favorite part is still the silver deer head?  Damn you neutrals!!

I'm thinking that this is my favorite. The white pops like crazy with the teal! Super sophisticated.

That magenta chaise is epic.  I'll snag one of those!
Glorious. Need I say more?

This rich violet with the neutral marble is a great pairing!

Navy kitchen anyone?  This is such a modern take on a country feeling kitchen. It's very masculine and yet so inviting and homey.

Sunny kitchen anyone?  I love the open shelving to expose more of the sunflower yellow walls! Fab-u-lous!
If I could only have a little bit of each one of these rooms, I would be a happy gal.  Someday I'll go where no designer has ever gone before bold. But maybe that has to wait for when I have a million dollars so I can paint and repaint and paint over it yet again because I don't know if I could settle on just one gorgeous color!  

There you have it, Nesters!  If you had a million dollars, what would you do to your house?  Or would you buy a house because you're a renter like me?   It's Friday so I'm signin' off for the weekend.  I hope you guys have a great one and if you've been stuck in the snow all week like we have been, I hope you stay warm, cozy and full of hot cocoa! 


  1. Oh, that chandelier is beautiful! And I love that kitchen and the wall color in the first picture!

  2. I love that deer head too. A few months ago we painted our bedroom dark blue. I went through 8 sample colors before finding the right one. It changes the whole mood of the room :)

  3. i have the same dreams....a huge house full of colors...right now it's condos and whites! you're right! damn you neutrals! have a bright day....thanks for joining us over at ftlob! ;)

  4. Gorgeous!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my stenciled wall! :)

  5. Hi Gina~

    I agree, that teal combined the white is amazing! These are some definitely gorgeous rooms. And I love that yellow kitchen, too. :)

    When we moved here (our first house) I was so tired of the white walls we'd had while renting, I became quite daring with color and loved it in our house! Now I am going in the total opposite direction, because I want the neutrals back! How's that for ironic? it really makes for no logical sense. But I have to say the colors on these pictures are gorgeous! Good choices! :) Will your landlord(s) let you paint? Because if so, both Home Depot and Lowe's have "oops" paint, perfect for on the cheap painting! :)

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

    {Beautiful Nest}

  6. Thanks for all your great comments ladies!

    I actually rented my apartment knowing that I was not allowed to paint. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could make a cozy home without the aid of wall color... **sigh** it's more difficult than I thought! So now I can't wait to be able to paint freely!!

    Keep the great comments comin'! I love it!!!

  7. I really love the bedding on the top photo! Do you know where it's from?

    1. Hi Coygirl!

      You know... I wish I knew! They're gorgeous aren't they? This image was from the designer Moises Esquienazis home. It doesn't mention the bedding! Sorry!!

      But I'm sure anthro would have something just as gorgeous!! :)

      Xoxo g


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