Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Transfer Fail.

Heya Nesters! We all have projects that we've tackled that haven't quite worked out.  The words "epic fail" come to mind with the thought of a few of mine.  This one, in particular.  I am mortified I even posted that. {shudder} With my most recent attempt, I am debating whether this one is a fail or can perhaps be rectified. 

Remember the gallery wall with the Christmas present canvas?  I had a plan for that blank canvas all along and I finally bucked up and did it.

I had swooned over those fun, canvas prints that all over the web.

I thought the depth would be perfect to hide my ugly breaker box that sits right in the middle of the wall. Two birds with one stone? You bet! But I wasn't about to go out and get one made... that's not my style.  I decided to use a fun picture of Matt and I from the beach a couple summers ago that I photoshopped.

I headed to Target to grab some iron-on transfer paper for tee-shirts.  Of course I almost killed my printer at work since it was a laser printer instead of an ink jet and the paper came out melted.  Oops.  That's where my ink came in. Once I finally got the ink for my printer, I decided to take a stab at it.

Here are my supplies.  Iron, canvas, and printed transfer.  It took a whole lot longer and higher heat than I anticipated to get it to transfer. I'm sure it had to do with the finished surface of the canvas.

And here is the finished product! 

Maybe I'm nit-picking but I'm not totally sold on it.  It's oddly cracked, and not totally level and a corner is just barely peeling off.  May I remind you of the aforementioned phrase: "epic fail"? Yes. This may very well be in that category.  But I also haven't taken it down yet.  If I could paint some kind of fun "frame" around the edge maybe it would soften the look.  I don't know.  

So I need you, Nesters, to weigh in.  Like it? Not? Take it down? Keep it up? Paint it? Not? There are so many options.  But for now, its just hangin' out.

PS: Did you guys all sign up for this weeks Monet necklace giveaway?  Don't hesitate! That necklace is so amazing!  <3


  1. From this distance, it looks cute. But I know what you mean about not loving something when you're living with it. Pictures tend to mask flaws. My suggestion is to keep it up for awhile and see how you feel about it in a week or so.

  2. It looks cute to me too, but I completely understand how little things like that can drive you crazy. If you decide to change it,a Xerox copy/wintergreen oil transfer would give you similar look on paper, which you could mat and frame. I understand about the breaker box. I have a picture hanging over mine too.

  3. I sort of like the cracked look--it adds texture to the piece!

    If you are going to paint a frame around it, you could always go in with a fine brush and black paint to level some of the areas out to make it appear more square :)

  4. I like the look of it- reminds me of something old with a modern photo :) Great work! Samantha

  5. Gina, you are just simply amazing and so creative! I think it looks great....the whole wall looks fabulous with all the pics! I think you need to come to my place and help me decorate it! Miss you!!!! xoxo

  6. I actually do like the look of it.

    But I agree with Tanya - leave it up for a week - and if it keeps bugging you - take it down.

    It may be the placement too. Would you consider a different place?

  7. I think it's fun! Live with it for awhile, if it doesn't grow on you then take it down.


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