Thursday, February 17, 2011

My House is Haunted.


No it's not. That's totally untrue. But for someone who, as a child, watched Unsolved Mysteries and therefore never slept {I snuck it. The 'rents thought I was watching the Simpsons. Little did they know...} this latest find totally freaked me out. 


I was being a good doobie and cleaning out/reorganizing my kitchen cabinets on Sunday morning. When I moved in, I kind of threw everything in there. I thought about the lay out a little but not all that much.  In fact, I realized about 3 days after I was unpacked that I left one lower cabinet completely empty! I just ignored it! Sorry, Mr. Cabinet.  I made up for it though!  Needless to say, I had to remove almost everything from every cabinet/drawer/pantry shelf in order to revamp the whole shebang. 

And then I found it.

I'm not sure if you can read it because obviously, it was quite dark in there and I needed to use a flash.  It says in giant letters 'KILL'...  So, that's just super!  It also says that someone was here. I'm hoping that in Irish Boston it was someone named "Killpatrick."  Or maybe that's what I think so I don't regress to the sleepless 10 year old I once was.

That was just the lower portion. Apparently, there was more...

Apparently they were verbose ghosts/murderers/pugnacious vagrants.  That, or they were mis-quoting a lengthy sonnet. Perhaps its a grocery list?  It almost looks like it says "Pastrami," and "Steak."One can only hope....


And here's where you come in, Nesters: Besides keeping me in your thoughts that I don't get slaughtered in my sleep by a spirit who needs the blood of a twenty six year old, brunette, who is in the 10th percentile in height in order to pass over to the "other side." Then I'd really be screwed.  I digress... what do you think it says? Are you good at deciphering hieroglyphics? Help me out and tell me what the heck this says.


  1. Whoa - total flashback to the Unsolved Mysteries. I was also SO terrified but couldn't turn myself away from those creepy episodes. I think the writing behind the cabinet had the potential to be charming and cool, but the handwriting makes it actually kinda terrifying. :) I sort of want you to tear everything out so we can see the whole thing.

  2. I think the first part was an attempt (even though the spelling was off a bit) at "Kilroy was here," which was popular as graffiti during WWII and the Korean war...the little bald man with his nose peeking over a wall. What the pastrami and steak part is about is anybody's guess...LOL

  3. Woah! That is pretty old is your apartment building?

    Good thing that's not my apartment because I would have torn down the rest of the cabinets to see what the rest of the message says :)

  4. Kelly- TOTALLY! I loved (and still do) scaring myself! Like I said... total creepola!

    Dana- Thank you for being the wealth of knowledge around here! I think you are exactly right! Im going to have to google that right now!!

    Did I mention that I love having you guys here? Hearts! !

  5. Gina, when you're as old as I am, you've pick up a lot of useless trivia by osmosis. Then all of a sudden, someone needs to know something, and you accidentally look smart. Being over half a century old does have a few perks...;)

  6. whoa. I got nothing, because that first word is very clearly 'pastrami' which is just too bizarre to continue.

  7. hahahha you guys crack me up! <3 Dont forget to enter todays giveaway!!!


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