Friday, February 11, 2011

If I Had a Million Dollars: The Love Shack

Heya Nesters!  I really am not a huge Valentines Day person.  Sure, we say "happy valentines day" with a smooch or two and have a low key day where I cook homemade ravioli, meatballs, sausage and my Nannys' sauce and watch a movie. But that's not out of the ordinary.  It's just another date because we love each other every day. I strive to be the sweet, made-for-Lifetime-TV-movie {minus all the obsessive stalker-y murders}, weepy-Hallmark-commercial, sappy romantic girlfriend all the time for him, not just on Valentines day.  So, in honor of loving every day and every night with my main squeeze, if I had a million dollars, I would have a looooooove shaaaaaaack! That is decorated for lovin' all year round!

Decor Pad

Okay, maybe this isn't exactly the Love Shack. Maybe its a little more like Charlotte's single-gal bedroom.  I love the desk set and the sweet soft pink on the walls. 

Decor Pad

 This is a more sophisticated version of Charlottes room above. The fish eye mirror is glorious. And look at the gallery wall that goes almost to the floor! Yes! Now that is a bedroom after my own heart! Can we also discuss the mirrored nightstands that are layered with the wood one? Brilliant!

Oh yes! This is a little more shack-like.  It's all about nomadic love.  The lanterns in the window make it a little romantic, and the low sitting bed, it's sultry.  I love the pink phone and suitcases too!

Room Envy

This super chic room is made a little sexy with the hot pink lamp and the frilly, embellished chandelier over the bed.  I love the simplicity.

Porter House Designs  

Hello Lovahhhhh.... Notice the yummy textural velvet quilt atop this bed! And the luxurious damask print surrounding the bed with the bench and window treatments! It's a little regal!

Famous Home Owners
This wild Mattel funded Barbie bedroom was designed by our beloved Jonathan Adler.  Surrounded by fabric, uber girlie prints and furniture talk about sexy!  I'm not surprised this is Barbie's bedroom. She always gets the best of everything! I don't know what else to say except....


Happy Valentines day weekend, Nesters! Now go Eskimo kiss someone! <3


  1. Woah, that last one is very much a love shack!

    Charlotte was always my favorite SATC character--I just loved her apartments over the years...although Carrie and Big's place in SATC II was pretty drool-worthy too :)

  2. Love the hot pink table lamp in the third last pic. Sooooo vibrant.

  3. OH my lawd. Love this post. before I hit "read more" I totally danced around to this whole music video with flash backs of junior high dances... Love shack is where it's at.
    Thank you for the nostalgia... it's been way too long. And the pink fabric on the walls in the Alder room, I love love, barbie indeed...even though I wonder how one would ever keep it clean/ not dusty?! but love everything about this post. :)

  4. Hahaha so glad you ladies loved my LUHHHVE SHACK{s}! <3

    Happy Valentines Day!


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