Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm not dead! But we have a bed!

I swear! I'm still alive and kickin'.  I can't even tell you what I've been doing that has kept me away from the keyboard for so long this stretch.  The past month has been a blur.  My grandest apologies. But did you like my rhymin' in the title?  I should start rapping.  Did I mention I'm bad ass?

Oh right. Because I'm not.

Lack of bad-assery aside, the title did, however, have a point.  As much effort has it has taken for me to quell my desires to run around like a mad woman decorating the house Matt and I aren't even residing in yet, the compromising that we have had to do was {dare I say it} easy.  Okay, okay fair enough.  We haven't really had to talk about much yet.  But bedding was where we started.


I had fallen head over heels for the West Elm Solarized Duvet Cover.  I had also convinced myself that since it was gray and modern, that Matt would ignore the floral/leaf motif and coo over it the way I did, visiting it like an old friend.  I was willing to front the $119 for my soul mate duvet cover.  Alas, my beloved did not pass the test and was tucked away in my "inspiration" folder should I ever help do a bedroom for a friend.  {I still visit her sometimes... no harm in looking, right?}

Then I had a thought.  We had just bought him the new bedding for his full sized bed from Target and he loved it!  {And so did I!}  I chatted to you guys about it right here. So I thought, "Why not get just the King size version of the comforter he already likes??"  He was certainly open to the idea, so I took a peek on


Just our luck.  Out of stock everywhere.  Not even the option of looking at availability in store. Ain't that always the way?  But on an aimless stroll through my local Target this weekend, I trolled the bedding department and low and behold... Our friend Thomas had left one, single, solitary King size Modern Charcoal comforter.  It was the un-inventoried gold mine find of a lifetime! GLORY HALLELUJAH! I picked it up and scanned it in hopes that the $100+ price tag would be lower than ticketed, since it wasn't accounted for anywhere else on the PLANET.  It could happen, right!? *beeeeeep* $109.99.  Ratz. No discount.  Without Matt to sign off on the purchase I left Tommy behind.  So just in case you are in the market for this exact out-of-stock item and live in the greater Boston area, go take a peek at the Watertown Target. He's there... just waiting for a good home!

One short day later, I nearly had a heart attack spawned of delight when I received an email from my man-friend during my work day, saying that he spotted this Vera Wang bedding on Fat Wallet and liked it.  I was taken aback with glee!


The price was most definitely right!  For a 3 pc set from Kohl's, it was originally $289, down to $86.99 with a 15% off coupon and free shipping.  To boot: I loved it too!  It's a classic, yet modern set with neutral tone. I'll take it!  I clicked through, only to find they offered it in Queen and California King.  *Bwah- bwah.*  But I didn't stop there, I kept looking.  And now that I had a better idea of what Matt had in mind for the room, I new better how to narrow down my search.  When I stumbled upon this guy....

The Colorblock Bedding Coordinates. It had the sharp, masculine lines of the Vera bedding and looked as though you could find it in a hotel.  {He loves that look.} Seeing as though it was a 6 pc set including comforter, 2 King shams, 2 Euro shams and a bed skirt, the $89.99 price tag {originally $199} made for a very good deal!  The Vera set was only a 3 pc set. Gotta love more bang for your buck! I passed the link along to Mr Man, and got the seal of approval! WOOT! Houston, we found some bedding!  Out came the credit card and we officially bought our first thing that will be "ours."  That meant more to me than what it looked like.  It was the first time I can say "we bought our ______."  Fill in the blank.   I am so excited to share a home with the person I love most in the world and wake up next to him in our new bedding.

While I didn't get an additional 15% off, I did still get free shipping.  Now riddle me this:  does this bedding not look gray to you?  Sure it has a warm-ish hue, causing it to teeter on brown.  But when I got my order confirmation- I hadn't read the fine print close enough I guess-  I noticed that it was called "Chocolate."  Really?  Chocolate?  Do you think it looks chocolate? I mean I certainly cannot complain since my bed has a very chocolate duvet cover with a similar white trim.

But I kind of had my heart set on gray.  Remember the loved and lost Solarized Duvet from earlier in this long winded post?   Both of us are fine with whatever color it comes in, gray, brown or somewhere in between.  We will have to buy sheets but we'll have to wait and see what the color actually is before we decide on anything.

So there you have it Nesters! A FAR too long post ending up in one helluva good deal for a bedding set with a dash of Vanilla Ice thrown in. How can you go wrong?  Next up-  a true blue house tour, since I haven't ever actually given you one, and I better do it now before I start packing.  Have an utterly fantabulous Friday, Nesters!  <3


  1. I love long posts like this! I like to know that I'm not the only one that agonizes over things like comforters. I'm waiting for the perfect one for my new bigger bed... until then a regular blanket will have to do. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. Ashleigh- bedding is totally the hardest part! It sets the tone for the entire space ... Of course you should agonize over it! :) I hope you find one that is you bedding soul mate! <3

  3. Glad to have you back! I love the new bedding, no matter what color it turns out to be, and I can't wait to see the house tour.

  4. Love it! And it's always a happy day when you can get the mister to agree on something house related (at least around here it is!). Can't wait for that house tour!


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