Friday, June 17, 2011

Fathers Day Card

Every. Single. One.  of my family members makes cards for each other.  Except me.  Or at least I didn't for a long time. {I like to think of myself as fairly well organized but cards always managed to be an uber last-minute thought.  Sometimes an after-the-minute thought...}  Until I found out that all those tear-jerking, sentimental notes I scribed into the witty, Target-purchased cards were relegated to the circular file, destined for the recycling plant after the fact. How dare they!  Their response was a shrug and "then make your cards..."  Heartless I tell ya... heartless.  Needless to say, I began making the cards.  One big reason I never made cards was that I thought to myself "I'm not an illustrator like Mom or Joe or a photographer like Dad, the only thing I can draw are fashion croqui's and technical flats.  I can't draw that on a card."

  So I bought them.  Then I found the wonderful world of craft paper and how to manipulate it.....

 Okay cut to the chase, Gina.  So I've shown you a couple of the fun things I've figured out with craft paper here and here.   And instead of Matt being the recipient, this time, it's Dear Ol' Dad.

There was a while there that my dad was Mr. LL Bean.  Living in Maine, being the amazing person {and son} he is, taking care of my grandmother and her house... and flannel was a big part of his life.  His life took a drastic and adventurous turn when he got a job in Manhattan and he picked up and moved.  Since then, he has grown into an all-black wearin', hot spot attendin', UES staple resident.  Quite the 180.  It just makes him a more well-rounded guy.  But I thought I'd bring in a throwback to the old days in Maine.

I thought the retro moose paper was just so cute manly and I cut a little white tee to fit under the red plaid shirt. And just for a little added kitsch, I added "#1 DAD!" to the tee. I thought it turned out pretty cute!  I know he'll love it because I made it. And I have to admit, giving homemade cards are better.  It almost feels like giving another present.

The Raz

Well I'm off to hang out with this little guy and the rest of the fam this weekend and celebrate Fathers day with my Pops and of course my brothers' very first Day-O-Dad!  When I come back I will be sure to finish up part 2 of the Bachelorette pad house tour!  Happy Fathers day to all you Daddy's out there!

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  1. The card is really, really cute...almost as cute as The Raz!


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