Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Beginning of the End

If you've followed Temporary Nest for even just a short while, you'll probably have noticed that I'm a pretty big sap.  Big, fat, sentimental, cheeseball.   So the move was all well and good in theory, but now the count is down to 12 days, the real sentimental side of me is piping up.  My house is replete with boxes- some empty, some full.


But the first big removal... my little mini kitchen set.  I got it for my old apartment after I bought a new, cream couch and didn't want my lazy-good-for-nothing-roommates to paint their nails or eat on said new, cream couch.  It came with me to my new bachelorette pad and fit perfectly in my mini kitchen! 

But a nice girl from Craigslist and her Dad came last night and handed me a smidge of cash and took the old work-horse with them.  Doesn't it look so empty?  *sigh* But it is one less thing that I will have to move with me.  And will make room for a new kitchen table and FOUR {count it ...FOUR} chairs.

There were some seriously good meals prepped and eaten on that thing.  But I'm happy to say, the last dish prepped on there was a late-night batch of surprise cookies for the boys while they were slaving away painting{I'm not allowed to paint because when it comes to painting walls, I am horrible. HORRIBLE.  Imagine: Paint EVERYWHERE.}  So I'm happy the last "meal" was one with meaning and heart. 

So for now, the packing continues, and so does the increasingly exciting countdown to the move.  I had a friend *cough Megan cough* kindly remind me about Part Duex of The Bachelorette Pad House Tour.  I haven't forgotten, no need to fret!  It will be posted before the big el-move-o. PROMISE!


  1. Moving is SO stressful. Feeling your pain and sending you hugs!

  2. Awwwww. That is kinda sad. BUT you're moving somewhere so awesome . . . can't wait to see photos of you making over your new digs.

  3. Awww thanks gals! Yeah movng is a total bitch but luckily it will be over sooner rather than later. And Tanya you're right, we are going to have an awesome new place to call home together! Thanks for the hugs and words of support! <3

  4. I think there's always a bit of bittersweetness in a move, especially if you're leaving a place where you have had good times. My daughter got a little misty when their house sold. She said, "But this is where I had my babies!" But moving on to the next adventure is always good, and it gives you an opportunity to make new memories in your next home. That said, I admit I've always shed a tear or two as I drove away from a place for the last time.

  5. We are moving in less than a month--yikes!--and it is really bittersweet. The place was the first J and I lived together in and I'm sure a few tears will be shed before we leave (but it looks like I'll be in good company in that regard!) :)

    That being said, I am really excited to see your new place!

  6. I feel you on the sentimental part. I just moved out of my old apartment. One of my roommates I had lived with for 3 years so it was definitely bitter sweet. Good luck with everything :)


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