Sunday, November 20, 2011

A bone to pick...

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I have a bone to pick with retail-America.  A turkey bone to be specific. With the week of Thanksgiving upon us, the leaves are the most vivid of colors, the air is crisp and it's time to gather, reminisce and spend time together for no other reason than to enjoy each other's company.  But even before Halloween, stores were engulfed in Christmas tunes and ornaments.  Hello!? Forgetting something? Perhaps the month of November?  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas.  In fact, probably even a little more than the average person and I can't. wait. to put up our tree and decorate but part of that excitement is the anticipation!

I just can't believe that I walked into a store on Friday looking for some last minute things for Thanksgiving and I actually had a difficult time finding it because the store was overwrought with Christmas.  Stop skipping this lovely holiday that isn't surrounded with gifts {or at least for most people... I, on the other hand, actually do get presents for my birthday but even if I didn't it wouldn't change my feelings on the matter!}  and appreciate it!  It's the day you celebrate that one, amazing, unwrappable gift: your loved ones.  In the end, they are what you have.  When your iPod is considered antiquated, when your Ferragamo bag is just a lump in the back of the closet, you will still have those people that you can sit around a table with and laugh until your cheeks hurt.

So all I ask is just enjoy the anticipation of Christmas. Let the urge to decorate tingle in your toes a little and wait. Just wait until after this heartwarming holiday is over and you've given your thanks and told your family you love them.

I am now stepping off my soapbox. My rant is over. Wishing you all the happiest of Thanksgivings my lovely, wonderful Nesters! Thank you for reading this sporadically written, occasionally overly opinionated, occasionally overly wordy blog.  You are a group to which I owe a huge "thanks."


  1. I agree with you. Halloween and Christmas are so commercialized now that very little attention is given to Thanksgiving.

  2. it's funny but i just wrote a post about how i don't mind celebrating Christmas and thanksgiving simultaneously---though i get what you mean about spending time with family and not focusing on gifts--though i think that's an important principle for Christmas, too, and not just Thanksgiving. :) (Love your blog, by the way. It's very pretty!)

  3. I completely agree! Love Christmas, but let's not forget about November.
    Beautiful table setting and happy thanksgiving!
    x katrina

  4. Such a gorgeous table setting. lovely!



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