Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Patiently Waiting...

Or... maybe it's not-so-patiently waiting, really.  About a month and a half ago, I decided that I wanted to start wearing heels more.  Not because I was feeling particularly short {though, my imposing 5 foot stature could use a little help} but more because I like the way they make me feel when I'm in them.  They just... make me.... feel like a woman, actually.

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I love a good Aretha-era retro look, and I often roll up my jeans {even "short" inseams are too long on me} but it makes me feel youthful.  Which is great in some aspects, but sometimes I just want to look... sophisticated.

So I hunted and hunted and hunted.  What did I hunt, exactly?  Booties. But not just any booties they had to check off all of the following criteria:

- almond shaped toe
- wedge heel
- camel/cognac color
- under $75
- and the hardest: I wanted them simple simple simple. No bells and whistles.

Enter: Piperlime. Glorious, glorious Piperlime.   I found these Hive and Honey simple, wedge booties, Tobago.

They were exactly what I was looking for... except for the reviews.  They weren't awesome in terms of the look of the heel.  I really wasn't crazy about the faux wood look and neither were the other purchasers.  They were also more than I wanted to spend.  While admiring Tobago, I was introduced to Toluca.  Oh hello Toluca....

The reviews were better for Toluca and after from discussions with some of my fashionista friends, I was okay with the quieter "bells and whistles" on her.  Plus, she was cheaper!  She was on sale from $119 to $79 {a savings of $40 right there!} but when I went to place my order, they were out of my size! Blasphemy!! How could this BE!?? If I've learned one thing from being a shopaholic, it's this: always call.  It can't hurt! All they can do is tell you what you already know, "out of stock, out of luck."  On this occasion, that was not the case.  The uber kind woman on the other end of the phone looked in her system and told me while they were not in stock currently, I was not out of luck but I would merely have to test my patience, they would be back in stock shortly.  I asked if they would still be at the reduced price and she kindly responded with, "I'm not sure, but let me open your account and put a note on it for when you do order them, to be sure that you are only charged the reduced price."  To that I retorted, "Well I don't have an account yet....." Shocked, she told me that she needed a sip of water, so she'd put me on hold while she got a glass of water, if I wanted to register quickly so she could add the note to my new account.  A minute later, I was logged in with said note in place.  She also told me that since I had signed up I would receive a 15% off coupon code via email that I could use for order but oddly, every time she sent out these emails, they actually sent 2 coupon codes that were usable.-- That's right, TWO 15% off coupon codes.  These were going to tick off the "under $75" box just nicely!

The next Monday, I visited my beloved Toluca and saw they were in stock! I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could get free shipping as well, in addition to my 15% off.  That makes the final price $67.50!  By Thursday, I was prancing around the homestead in my new heels, making me feel like a lady.  And boy do I need it, since next week I'm turning the ripe old age of 27.  What can I say, it was a present to myself.  Just in case you were wondering they fit me perfectly and are insanely comfy for a 4.5 inch heel!  *pumps fits wildly in air*

(oh did you think this post was over?? HA! Nice try... there's more sartorial lovin'...)

You know how you always get way more emails from an online store as soon as you purchase something from there?  Well I had already been getting a daily Piperlime email but man-o-man was I inundated after that!  One early morning I was perusing my emails while waiting for my car to get an oil change before work.  And there she was. My next fashion BFF:

The Tulle Textured Wool Coat.  This time, it was love at first sight.  I have another little Tulle swing coat that is from TJ Maxx and is my other current fave but the 3/4 sleeves wont allow me to wear it much longer.  But the reality of unemployment had set in at that point and I had relegated myself to just admiring her online. After all, I have probably a dozen coats, who needs a new one... a brand new, PINK amazingly cute one.... a brand new PINK amazingly cute a la Charlotte one.... Then the light dawned. She was only $68 on sale and I still had the second 15% off coupon code!! My mom had wanted to go shopping with me to find something for my birthday that I would want. {Usually when she just goes out and buys something, its a near miss.}  So I called her up and proposed the idea that since I have the coupon code and am familiar with online ordering {she is more of a Luddite} I would order it, and have it sent to her house and she would pay me back.  I know, not the most mysterious present in all the land but I'm getting something that I am going to LOVE. --Like, come in wearing one coat, leave wearing that coat kind of love.

My birthday celebration is always on Thanksgiving itself since all the family will be together {with the exception of my New Yorker segment Joe, Molly, Lucca and Dad.} and this year it is also because Matt and I are going on a romantic long weekend in NH for my actual birthday.  So that means, I don't have to wait a whole 10 days to get my new coat... only 8.  So I am waiting.  Patiently.  Or... maybe not quite so patiently. In fact, quite impatiently. 

I'll let you know how it goes!

How about you, Nesters?  Have you double dipped on an online store thanks to those feisty emails? Or do you pick out what your parents get you for your birthday? Or have you gotten additional online codes that you utilized?? Let us all know!  <3


  1. Cute booties! Long time, no see.

    Hop on over because today is my blogiversary & I'm hosting a giveaway. Woot.

  2. Love the booties and the coat! I actually like the strappy ones better than the totally plain ones. Lucky you!!!

    And, yes, I pick out my gifts from everyone. I don't want to sound like an ingrate...but no one knows what I like or want as well as I do, and if people are going to spend their hard-earned money on me to begin with, they might as well spend it on something I love.

    Case in point: When Carl and I first started seeing each other, he bought me a huge box of chocolates and a stuffed animal for Valentine's Day. Sweet thought...but I was 52 years old, for pete's sake! The next year I got a Sundance bracelet. Wonder how that happened...


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