Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend in NY

On Thursday morning I hopped in my car headed for the Big Apple.  My Dads birthday was a couple weekends ago and I decided to take an extended Columbus Day weekend and hang out with the fam in NY.  Since my Dad and brother had to work both Thursday and Friday, the days were just me, Molly and The Raz.  Molly had been talking up a storm about Purl SoHo and all their amazing fabrics so we decided to make the trek all the way downtown.


We loitered in the city streets peering into windows of stores that would surely turn their noses up at us, had we walked in because, lets be real, we aren't a Hilton or a Kardashian {Thanks god!} and wouldn't be able to buy an evening gown for eleven thousand dollars on a whim.  And finally we poked into our destination, Purl. I would have walked right past the cute little store front, had Molly not turned in before me. It was bustling with knitters and sewers alike.  The sales team was friendly and cheerfully greeted us as we walked in. We weren't sure what we were looking for.  {But I certainly noticed I was not nearly hip enough to be in there.}  Perhaps fabric to make a baby present for a friend who is due in a few short weeks?  Maybe components of a Halloween costume for Lucca? Maybe fabric for a couple of skirts for ourselves?


Between the chaos of the store, the prices pricier than anticipated and my tummy growling, we left empty handed but with some good ideas. 

We continued on to ramble the cobblestone streets in search of a baby-friendly restaurant to feed the angry monsters in our bellies and then magic happened... we stumbled upon the Jonathan Adler store.  Molly hadn't heard of him and I was excited to show her his genius.  We stepped inside and their burning Hashish scented candle was amazing enough that I commented on it to the sales girl.  Never would have thought I'd be such a fan of a Hashish scent!   I also realized its the most expensive candle I've ever smelled.  $68!  Holy crapballs, J-man, make some things that wee commoners like myself and purchase, you tease! Anyhoo, we saw some amazing things. {Please forgive me for the terrible smart phone pics.}

Of course the wall-o-lighting caught my eye all the way at the back of the room.  The unique shapes and colors he comes up with still keep everything with that hint of mid-century modern aesthetic but are also so fresh.  Just next to it was this adorable kid-friendly set up.

Sorry for the blurry image!
Molly and I cooed over the giraffe sconces with the paint around them.  We will hunker that down in the backs of our brains for when Lucca has his own room to decorate.  However, we may try to DIY something instead. It has yet to be determined exactly how we would do that.  Perhaps simple white sconce and paint the rectangle and giraffe as well instead of having it be 3D.  We'll see...

And finally, my 2 favorite things in 1 shot.  This incredible orange lounge chair and ottoman, and the spectacularly graphic bedding called Navy Printed Hollywood.  The juxtaposition of the 2 made my heart go thump thump. Thank you for being amazing Jonathan Adler.  You rock my world.

Finally after leaving JA, {and Lucca getting compliments on his outfit from the sales clerk} we headed to a restaurant with some outdoor seating.  Perfect, just in case he has a meltdown. {Which doesn't happen often, but it had been a long day, he was due...}  Much to our pleasure, Lucca not only did not have a meltdown but he made us laugh the whole meal, sat in a restaurant highchair all by himself and was making friends with everyone that walked by.

Here is me and my little man. {Oh, did I mention I chopped my hair off?} I couldn't have been a more excited Auntie to get to hang out with him.  I fed him, changed him, and squeezed him until I could squeeze no more!  He was wearing the adorable lumberjack-like outfit I bought him for no particular reason except to spoil him. And he also was wearing the Cowboy bib I had gotten when he was just a few days old. Somehow, the two looked absolutely precious together.

Molly also was a proud Momma at how well he behaved, although, was not surprised since he's always well behaved.

How cute are these two? I told you he just made us laugh the entire time!

After lunch, we hopped back on the train and headed home for this boy to take a nap and that was the end of our fun adventures in Soho. We all were totally pooped from that night and we snoring away by 10 o'clock to get ready for our early departure to go apple picking. 


We arrived around noon to a sea of people. I had read good things on the interwebs about this place.  It was only an hour outside the city, you could pick apples and pears, had a petting zoo, bbq and most importantly, had apple cider donuts. We were all a little overwhelmed at the amount of people there.  My guess would be about a thousand people all accompanied by their own mini-me's. Most were obviously from the city, wearing their Tory Burch flats and Prada sunglasses.  I guess this was a popular destination for city slickers.  So much for enjoying a quiet day in the orchards. But we still managed to hike a little higher than everyone else was willing to and had some trees to ourselves. I even climbed a few myself!

Yes, that's right, I did climb a tree, take a picture to prove it and text it to Matt, all the while, standing in said tree.  And Lucca had his first few licks of an apple- which he loved. We quickly filled two bags and dashed out of the orchards to get away from the mob.  But not before we took a pic of Lucca as a worm in an apple.

We headed out, utilized the Yelp app that brought us to a highly rated, however highly OVER rated pub just down the road from the orchard that had mediocre food and a surly staff as well as an inconsiderate clientele.  Once stuck in traffic for a few hours getting back into the city, we all plopped on my dads couch for a veiwing of our family favorite Young Frankenstein. 

We had a great time all in all.  It's always great to see the fam and of course the Raz. But man does it feel good to be home too.So what about you guys, Nesters?  What did you do this long weekend??

*special thanks to Diary of a Quilter the images of Purl since I was a bad blogger and didnt take any pics.*


  1. What adorable pictures of you and Molly and Lucca. He's growing so fast! My Grandson #2 is almost exactly 3 months older than he is, and I see his weekly progress, but it really surprised me to see how big Lucca is now. I still had him pictured as an infant, but he's getting to be a big boy! He's a doll!

    And I love the JA chair and ottoman! So cool.

  2. Your haircut is DARLING! I love it! Such a great bob. Oh, and that kid's pretty damn cute too!

  3. Thanks ladies!! The haircut was a big leap! But I'm really happy with the way it came out :) And Lucca is just such a big boy now! My brother said while we were out "I dont feel like I have a baby anymore, I feel like I have a kid!" So funny how fast they grow up! I am one proud Auntie! :)


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