Sunday, October 2, 2011



Matt and I ventured out on Saturday on a Gina-centric date.  Shopping.  I was sensitive to his "needs" and didn't stop in every store that I may have wanted to.  But we had some fun picking out some great, graphic tees for him and some great things for our home. {I still relish in saying that "our home" hehehe}

Usually, when I drag Matt into Anthropologie, he ends up sitting on the couches in the dressing room looking at "guy stuff" on his phone while I contemplate if its that specific mirror? Or does my ass really look like that...?  But this time I spared him the dressing room masochism and we looked mostly at the housewares. While I was drooling over the wildly overpriced teapot lamp, Matt called me over.

The celestial coasters had caught his eye.  They look like a slice of a mineral, which, being an earth science teacher is of course attractive, and minerals have always been his speciality.

He was really excited for them.  We looked at all the different colors and they were all stunning and some were more interestingly bold than others but the first ones we saw {which were of the "milk and honey" variety} worked with the color scheme in our living room already and despite not being the most flashy of them all, we thought we'd stick with it.  And only about six feet away was our next find.

Oh yes.  We got the octopus plates!  I've been eyeing these puppies for a while now but the fact that Matt also totally loved them helped me seal the deal.  We were going to get the dinner plates of this set but after crunching some numbers, thought it would make more sense to invest in the salad plates.

Plus we liked it better that the octopus was on the front. This way, we can layer it over our white Ikea plates and it really spices them up!  In fact the moment we got home, I busted out the plates and set the table!  Matt may have thought I was crazy but a couple of our friends came by later and loved them too!  

And here is a terrible cell phone shot of part of my table. I must admit, I had to use one table setting- so that's why only 3 are shown. The reason I had to use one table setting was because I also made this....

OH YES! That is homemade sauce with meatballs AND hot Italian sausage!  {I also made an apple pie but it was too ugg-o to photograph. But trust me, it tasted good.}  So anyhoozle. That's what we did this weekend.  What did you Nesters do this weekend??

<3 Gina


  1. Beautiful buys! I bet your new home is looking fabulous already.

  2. Thanks Dana! Hopefully, I'll be getting a new camera soon for my birthday (ahem, family that may be reading this) and I will be able to actually take real, good pictures of the house! :) Thanks for swingin' by!

  3. Great plates! And I am also a HUGE fan of those coasters.


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