Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY Paper Flowers

I can't quite peg what inspired me, or how I found the link... but a couple weeks ago I stumbled upon 100 Layer Cakes tutorial by Valerie of Smile Merchantile on creating paper flowers. I'd looked up other tutorials and this one seemed a bit more user friendly than all the others.  Not to mention the pictures of the final product were calling my name.

via 100 Layer Cake

So while on a flea market excursion/date, Matt and I picked up an antique book for a couple of bucks.  While Matt was out on Saturday night with "the guys" I tuned in to You Again {which was predictable yet perfectly suited to the occasion.} and sat myself down at the dining room table, with some crafting supplies! WOO! I opted out of the wine element I had originally planned on, after taking into consideration the extra hot glue gun and the multiple cutting utensils that I would be wielding. After getting everything set up and hitting "play" I hit the ground running cutting.

I guess this is what happens when you store a cutting mat by shoving it in the back of a closet. Nice and wavy. Very helpful when cutting. {Disclaimer: Not actually helpful in any way, shape, or form.  Please do not use a wavy mat like this at home ever, unless merely protecting a surface like I was doing.  It's a good way to lose a finger.}  I found it easier to fold each page of the book like a fan and cut multiple at once just with scissors, no exacto needed. They wouldn't end up all being the exact same size, but that's a good thing!  No flower has all identical petals, right? That's what I keep telling myself at least. Each petal will end up with a crease in the center, which is perfect for the bending that will need to happen when being attached.  Also be sure to curl back the edges of all the petals to make them look softer, as if they are blooming.

And once all was said and done, here is my finished product! {I must say, for my first swing at it, I think it turned out pretty darn well. *Patting myself on the back*}

We had also snagged a cool bell jar when we were at the flea market which we were originally going to find some kind of small animal skeleton to put in it but the flower just happened to fit perfectly, and while the skeleton would be cool to us, might not be cool for some of our guests. No one has ever lost their appetite over a paper flower I suspect.

In fact, it reminds me of the rose from Beauty and the Beast.  Am I right? Or am I right?... What is more sweet than a Disney cartoon?  Nada.

Check out that baby...  I kind of absolutely LOVE it... Perhaps I'm even a wee bit obsessed with it.

The plan is to make a few more and arrange them in this jar in a slightly less Disney fashion.... add some height, maybe? We'll see. I'll be sure to show you guys when the time comes!  I plan on linking this up to Young House Love's (and Bower Power's) Pintrest Challenge next Wednesday!  Are you guys doing anything fun for the ultimatum? Or just waiting to watch what others came up with?

Oh that's right, Nesters!  I should tell you, I'm also now on Pintrest! As if I didn't have enough crap going on in Gina-land, I decided to join what is quite possibly the most addictive site known to man.  So come around, follow me if you'd like and I'll gladly follow you back. Lord knows, all I want to do is look at pretty pictures all the time, so the more the merrier!!


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