Monday, May 16, 2011

Starving to death.

It is the end of day 1 of my gustatory detox and I am hurting.  My head is pounding and I'm totally exhausted.  Here's a little time line of how the day went...


6:30 AM Wake up with a slight headache but ready to start the detox and ready to feel good again! YES! Bring it on!

8:30 AM Arrive at work with fruit and veg in tow. Still feeling pretty good, headache has subsided but wishing I could have a cup of tea.

9:30 AM Eating my pineapple, loving life.

9:45 AM Have eaten almost an entire pineapple.  Never eating pineapple again.  The acidity of it causing soar throat.  Still hungry, wish I had tea.  Can't wait for lunch.

12 Noon Starting to get queasy from being hungry. Lunch in 30 minutes. Can hold out. Headache back in full force.

12:30 PM Lunch.  Raw carrots and green beans. Not as exciting or tasty as I had anticipated. Co-workers meals look so delicious.  Tease.  Retreat from lunch early and bring raw food back to desk to keep nibbling on. *sigh*

2:30 PM Starving. Again.  As if I never ate lunch.  Or breakfast for that matter. Brain storming for yummy things I could make with veggies.  Realize I need to include more protein in this diet than anticipated if I ever want to feel okay through this.  Tofu and soy, here I come!

3:30 PM Starting to get stomach cramps.  Oh the pain!  Can't take it anymore.  Must quit.

5:00 PM Leave work and speed to grocery store.  Can't quit in the first day.  C'mon Gina, at least make it through the first day.  Don't be a quitter. Yet.

6:00 PM Made it to local grocery store and raid the vegan and produce sections. Glory hallelujah, they have tofu buffalo chicken wings.  There is a god!  Maybe this won't be so bad after all.  Also picked up the fixin's for guacamole with black beans amongst other things.

7:00 PM Eat said guacamole and black beans.  Might have been the best thing I've ever tasted.  Finally feeling like a normal-ish human being again. Headache remains.  Fall asleep on couch due to lack of energy.  So much for going to the gym tonight.  I'd fall off the Elliptical.

And that brings me to now, 8:45 on Monday night. I know I have veggies to cut up for tomorrow and I just realized, I was planning on making a smoothie tomorrow but don't own a travel mug.  Just realized I have to order a catered lunch for the office tomorrow and I wont be able to partake in the yummy, piping hot, delicious, carb loaded calzones.  Ugh.  Maybe I should give up.  Head still pounding.  About to take Advil.  To be honest, I don't know that I'll be able to make it much longer. I'm hoping to get through tomorrow at very least but I'm sorry Nesters, I can only do so much.  Am I disappointed in myself?  Yeah, a little.  I thought I'd be able to at least make it half way through but I was foggy headed today at work and my job does not allow for fogginess.   From here on out, I'm playing it by ear.  I've made it 1 day without any bread or caffeine or dairy. Good enough for me.  But if every day feels as bad as today did, I can't keep this up.  But it was enlightening.  I have a new appreciation for the vegan way of life!

Thanks for baring with me in this stream of consciousness post.  I'll let you guys know how it goes....


  1. oh, my goodness. eating nothing but raw fruits and veg for a while? ouch. i don't have a problem with veganism (in fact, i think i've eaten entirely vegan today), but raw? yeouch!

  2. My SIL does a raw vegan thing from time to time, but he eats a TON more food than you're describing. It sounds like you've hardly had any food at all today. That sucks!

  3. Sounds awful! But maybe your body just needs some time to digest! And can you eat more raw fruit and veg snacks? It does sound like a skimpy food day. Good luck!!!

  4. I am so impressed by your efforts that I raise my hot cup of french press coffee with cream to you ;)

  5. You are eating waaaaay too little if doing raw. Get some more tofu and protein in you, for heaven's sake!

  6. Thanks so much. Or your support gals! Once I ate the guacamole with black beans (and a whole lot of it ) I felt mud better and had a higher caloric intake. I have to admit... I have already broken down and quit. I may try to do it again sometime when im more repaired and have well thought out plans for meals. But this was the product of poor planning and over ambition. What can I say... I gave it a shot. And let's be real.... I like food wayyyyy too much to do that. Now, Holyoke Home, pass me a cup of what you're havin' hahaha

  7. Should say "thanks so much for your support" and "much better" oh auto correct ......

  8. I've tried doing these extreme juice and/or fruit & veggie fasts and never lasted more than a day because it's impossible to actually think or interact with anyone when you are operating on so little calories. Unless you're able to swan about the house for 10 days, I think the only way to last 10 days is to also eat a fair amount of protein - either lean meat or if you want to be vegan, then something like hummus or other beans and legumes.

    By the way, have you ever heard the TAL episode where David Rakoff goes on a fast? It's a good one.


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