Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Detox

Heya Nesters!  This past weekend was a delightful time for me!  My brother and SIL came to visit with the baby {I saw Dad too!} for my Moms birthday. We ate lots of good food and stared at the baby like watching a fire.  It's not doing much but you can't take your eyes off it.  I needed to get all my good food-eatin' in and enjoy it as much as I could because as of today I'm starting a detox diet.



 It's nothing written in books or prescribed by a doctor.  I've just been feeling like I've been feeding my body crap.  I'm not talking about McDonald's or Wendy's {mmm... Wendy's number 7 with no mayo, no tomatoes and extra pickles...}  but pasta, nachos and burritos.  I've also been eating tons of dairy.  I have a penchant for cheese. All kinds.  Pretty much if its served with cheese in or on it, I will eat it.  I've also been eating lots of cereal {instead of real dinner} and my belly is not the biggest fan of that.  So, sayonara dairy!


Also, for a girl that as a teen did not have a single blemish, I have been breaking out like CA-RAZY.  Not.  Cool.  I'm too old for this crap and I will not stand for it.  My body is telling me something is wrong and I feel like this detox will be like wiping the slate clean.  It has nothing to do with losing weight.  Though, if I do, I wont complain but I also realize its not permanent weight loss, when I start reintroducing other food groups again, I will immediately gain it back.   And that's A-OK with me.  The plan is pretty simple:  I'll drink only water and eat only fruits and veggies for 10 days, with one cheat day over the weekend.   My theory with the cheat day, is that you will inevitably cheat somewhere in 10 days but if I have a day planned it can be incentive to hold out a little longer.  Also if I start feeling woozy or unwell, I'm not ashamed, I can cook up a little brown rice, which is really good for you, and go back to the detox.

So here we go... 10 9.5 days left.  Wish me luck!


  1. Hey! As far as the dairy goes, not sure if you usually go all organic with that, but I was also breaking out a lot a few years ago and switched to all organic (no hormones or antibiotics) dairy and it really helped! Good luck. :-)

  2. Aren't babies the absolute best thing in the world to stare at...and touch...and cuddle? We took G'son #2 to a wedding shower yesterday so my SIL wouldn't have both at the store, and everyone wanted to hold him. I bet you had a great time with the new nephew. Good luck on the detox.

  3. Wow! That sounds like quite the challenge (but it also doable)--good luck!


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