Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 1: New Beginnings

Wednesday night I headed back to my Upholstery Class after work ready to start cracking away at my new piece.  It was another trash pick from about a year ago that's been sitting in the garage of the Mama Dukes.  Nesters, meet our next 'victim"...

Sorry so blurry... Oh Android pictures...

 Apparently I'm a blue velvet chair magnet.  But she wont be nasty blue velvet for long.  In fact, in my three hour class, I have completely stripped it down to the wood and springs. Check out what I found out in the meantime.  You're supposed to start taking off the cambric on the bottom of the chair first but this chair was already missing it, so I got to skip that part.

 Hello0o0o0o00o0ooooo electric blue!

I can't imagine where this chair sat in some one's house?  It must have been really groovy.  I have high hopes, though. After the first layer of fabric was removed, I came across this towel-like waffle fabric underneath. Much less groovy.

 More tack and stable removal later, I was able to pull off all the padding.  There was real horse hair in here between some layers of cotton, however, since this lovely piece was well peed upon by a neighborhood cat while in the garage, it was all bound for the trash. 

Down to the bones she went! And let me tell you, this was probably the dustiest project I've come across yet.  One of the springs is broken, so that will have to be fixed next class. But first, I'm going to find fabric and paint!

I'm thinking a fun colorful {maybe Marimeko-eque} print and paint the chair a fun coordinating color. Perhaps red?  Pink? Gray? We'll see where the fabric takes me...  And excitedly, I'd like to announce that Upholstery on Broadway is offering an upholstered headboard class in May!  I will certainly be taking it and I would love to see a few of you local Nesters there with me!  If you'd like more info about it, shoot me an email and I can give you all the details!

Also, I need your help!  I need nickname ideas for this new chair.  So you tell me... what do you want her to be named? Do you want to wait to see the fabric choice first? Spill it!


  1. Awesome chair! So glad you're taking on another project. Hmmmm. A name? Seeing as she's been through the ringer . . . maybe something like Britney? Some name that implies her potential but speaks to her current state as well. Lol.

    And I'm totally curious about fabric!!

  2. In the same vein as "messed up with potential," maybe Lindsay? And I've noticed that you've mentioned Marimekko more than once lately, so I think you should go for it. Have you checked the Crate and Barrel outlet for good deals on Marimekko? I always see great pieces there.

  3. That is definitely a man chair - Charlie is it.

  4. What a lovely find, this will look awesome once you are done with it! I think this baby would look gorgeous in a black and white stripe =D And the name; I SO agree with Tanya on Britney, there is so much potential there!

    PS: what a great idea to take an upholstery class, I should definitely have thought about that too before attempting to re-upholster a sofa lol!!

    xo Linda

  5. I am kind of digging the "through the ringer" celeb idea.... I think I know what name I'm going with but just wait until I show you the fabric, and lets see if that sways your choice at all! :)

  6. Looking good. I had to postpone my upholstery class but I plan to get back to it once we move. But I do have my pro upholstery tools set. =)


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