Friday, April 22, 2011

Shhhhh I'm huntin' fabwic...

Heya Nesters! Well we were discussing the other day what to name the new chair.  I thought maybe I'd show you the "short list" of fabrics that I'm considering and see what you guys think!

 We all know my infatuation started with Marimekko, but being that it is out of my price range, I'll have to skip it.  I've looked around and I just cannot find the print that I have produced in my head.  {Don't you hate it when that happens?}  In turn, I've decided to go with the POP and use just a simple black and white print but my-o-my how many there are right now that I L-O-V-E!  I started perusing and here is what I came up with...

Premier Prints Keys in Black/Flax

How fun is this one!? It's on sale right now for $9/yd so its right there in my price range but the only thing holding me back: look how big the print is... each one of those keys is measured in inches! Eek! If it was a smaller print, I think I'd be more apt to go for it.

Waverly Lovely Lattice in Caviar

This one is a front runner.  I love the graphic pattern and its almost mesmerizing.  At $12/yd its right at the top of what I wanted to pay but still entirely affordable.  If not for this project I'd love to use this on something else!

Premier Prints Chipper in Black/White

 I love this one because it's so simple but still interesting. It's somewhere between a polka dot, an Ikat and an animal print.  I think maybe this would make awesomely bold curtains but I think I'm going to shy away from it on this chair. Thoughts?

Premier Prints ZigZag in Black/White

 Another front runner in my eyes!  It's super graphic and trendy right now.  But that is also the exact reason I'm unsure about it.  I want to love this chair for years to come.  While I love chevroned stripes now, I'm not sure I will 5 years from now when the fad is over.... But at $5/yd I might get some for another project!

Waverly Chintz About Face in Licorice
This is a bit of a stray from the staunch black and white of the previous fabrics. The gray on this one could calm down the chair a bit but much like the Key print, it is so big! I don't feel as though you'd get a full view of the repeat on the chair back.  {This one's for you Tanya!} But I'm secretly still pretty in love.... but again $15/yd {on sale} is over my meager $12/yd budget.

Michael Miller Summer Soiree Houndstooth in Black

This Michael Miller print is the Mad Men chic of all of them and I'm almost leaning towards it.  It's retro but modern since it is over sized and pixelated.  And I am a houndstooth fanatic.  My fave old coat is this same print. <3  At $9/yd its right in my budget.  hmmmm...

Ikea KAJSASTINA in Grey/White

Holyoke Home mentioned that Ikea has Marimekko-eque fabrics as well. And I totally agree, not to mention love their pricing!  But also as she mentioned, the quality might not be the best. Good point.  If this chair is going to be sat in,  I want the fabric to hold up through lots of tushiness.  That's right- I said tushiness. Would you prefer tushiocity?  I digress...

Ok, so bring it on, Nesters.  What's you're fave? And do these pull any names to your tongue? I can't believe this chair is still unnamed!  I'm about to start calling it Mr. No-Name.   Ok, all on you now.... GO!



  1. Last one is my favorite by FAR! I think you'd have to see them in person and consider attaching a backing fabric? Maybe I'm just remembering the quality incorrectly?

  2. Wow - awesome selection. And yep, I totally love the silhouettes! That is a fantastic fabric. But, if I had to vote I would vote for the houndstooth. It is so classic & after all that labour you don't want something you will grow tired of quickly. I re-upholstered our kitchen chairs in houndstooth a year ago and am still 100% happy. They are fun but versatile. Having said that, your front-runner lattice is also gorgeous and would look great.

    P.S. Your post title is hilarious. I am still smiling.

  3. I think the second and third ones are my favorites.

  4. They're all very attractive prints, and any of them would work with the chair, but my vote goes to "Lattice". "Keys" and "About Face" are whimsical, and evoke the 1950's/1960's when "homey" wallpapers and prints were popular. They remind me of Debbie Reynolds, America's Sweetheart. "Chipper" and "ZigZag" are very bold and modern, and remind me of the bold patterns of the 1970's, but don't remind me of anyone in particular. The "Houndstooth" is classic and safe, and evokes Coco Chanel, who used houndstooth so elegantly in her suits and coats. "Kajsastina" is quite beautiful, has an oriental flair, but brings concern about wear, if the quality isn't there. I'm a poet and didn't know it. It reminds me of "Madam Butterfly". "Lattice" is classy, sophisticated and timeless, and reminds me of Katherine Hepburn in "The Philadelphia Story". I've been enjoying your upholstery adventures, and look forward to seeing what you do with the "new" chair.


Heya Nesters! I always love your feedback! So dish, because we all want to hear it! <3