Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not So Temporary Nest

Heya Nesters!  I have a BIG announcement to make today.  I kept this to myself for a long time because I didn't want to jinx anything {I'm bad at doing that} or drag anything out for ever and ever.  Allow me to start at the beginning... about two months ago, Matt called me at home and started chatting about moving in together. It was always something that I had wanted, but wanted to wait until he was ready.  Things were made more complex with the fact that he already owned a condo with his brother.  So it was never as easy as "When is your lease up?"  He started talking about buying a two family house so that we could share it with his brother and his brothers girlfriend.  But I know many people house hunt for months and months and even years.  It look Matt almost 2 years to find the right condo to buy.  So I wasn't anticipating any action anytime soon.


About 3 weeks into actively going to open houses, we found our dream home  that was overpriced just out of our price range and put in a low-ball offer.  The sellers never responded. No decline, no counter, nada.  Bastards.  But when one door closes, another opens.  While I was working late last night, Matt and his brother looked at a new house that just came on the market.  They made an offer on the spot.  Twenty-four hours, a few phone calls and counters later, we are under contract!! WOO! {Here I go being jinx-y mcjinx again: this is pending the inspection, of course}

Needless to say, in the next few months, I will be moving out of my little rental nest and moving into a permanent nest with my wonderful, handsome boyfriend.  And I am SO EXCITED!! There will be lots of renovations to post about and new layouts and furniture.  And lots of compromising.  It makes me think of that Friends episode when Rachel moves out and Chandler moves in with Monica.  Start at 6:12.  Love it.

So that's our news!! My question for you is this: Do you ladies who live with lovely man-friends have any advice for a novice?  How to live with a boy? Or any good stories about moving in with your man {or woman} for the first time?  Dish!


  1. My dude and I bought our house about 6 years ago when he was a tour manager for bands and was rarely home. When he finally stopped touring and decided to change careers to something that would keep him at home for longer amounts of time, I found that the best thing to keep my sanity was separate bathrooms. He's in charge of cleaning his own bathroom (which happens 3 times a year)..and I don't complain or nag about it.

    Good luck!!

  2. LOL what a loaded question. Me and mine are in a later in life relationship. We did it once each and both failed, however learned our lesson and have brought it to this wonderful time in our life. COMPROMISE, COMPROMISE, COMPROMISE. That's our first 3 suggestions. Really pick your battles, is what you want worth sacrificing your blissfull happiness, and finally keep your own finacial independence. Wishing you and yours all the happiness we have found.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! That is pure awesomeness!! I am so, so excited for you!!! I lived with my Hubby before getting married (although it was a rental in the beginning, before we bought a house). You will have tons of fun - it is so nice to be able to work on your own place together. It can test a relationship but if you can handle renos, you can handle anything! As unfun as this advice is: make sure your butt is covered legally. In Canada, laws are different for married & unmarried couples concerning property and assets, with the latter providing much fewer rights for partners. Not sure what the case is where you live, but just be sure you're protecting yourself. I am definitely looking forward to seeing some pictures! GOOD LUCK with everything.

  4. SO EXCITING! I moved in with my hubby (then boyfriend) and his sister & brother-in-law. It was tons of fun. We actually got engaged in the house that we all lived in. When they moved away (relocated by the Navy) we started looking for a place to buy.

    All I can say, is that if this house is for BOTH of you, make the big decisions TOGETHER. If you don't agree on a big purchase, neither of you should 'give in' because you're tired of arguing. There's always a compromise. You should never feel like you'll have to live with something you hate for the rest of your life (or however long you live there).

    When we were picking out granite for our countertops, I wanted light and hubby wanted dark. I finally caved in after getting so frustrated over arguing about it. And now I have to live with those ugly countertops that HE picked out. And I'm reminded of it every single time I go in the kitchen. Sigh.

    Sorry to ramble on and on. Just don't make the mistake I made!

  5. that's so fantastic! i hope you two get to make that place your home!

    bf and i moved into our rental about a year ago. i had lived with a different boyfriend previously, and that was a disaster, but this one is a piece of cake. i think it's because we picked out this place together, and i didn't move into space that was originally his.

    as far as living with boys goes, there are things they are just spacey about. mine never throws his socks in the hamper and is terrible about throwing things away (food wrappers stay on the counter for hours). but he teases me about how bad i am about closing closets and cupboards, so i know we annoy each other equally!

  6. Congratulations! What exciting news! I lived with my daughter's dad before we got married, and then after about 13 years divorced/single, I met the love of my life when I was 50. I can tell you it was much harder later in life, because we were both set in our ways. I'm pretty much a neat freak, and he definitely wasn't. Otherwise we were extremely compatible and the only disagreements we ever had were over that. My advice would be to ask yourself, "How important is it, really?" He died five years ago, and there are days when I'd love to find sugar spilled on my countertop.

  7. Congrats Gina! Can't wait to see/hear about all your renos! Post photos of the new place ASAP!

  8. I LOVE how everyone responded to this!! You all have great advice!! I am 150% ready to compromise, compromise and compromise some more!! I have told Matt time and time again that I want to be sure that we pick everything out together and agree on them. I'm pretty lucky that I think we are about the same degree of neat freak haha. But I'll be sure to heed all of your advice and appreciate every second of being together instead of sweating the small stuff.

    Thanks for being wonderful, Nesters!! <3

  9. Congratulations Gina! Since I follow your blog and Ashly, I knew something was in the works :)

    I think what everyone has shared is spot on--I always want both of us to be comfortable and happy in our space and never find ourselves glaring at items we hate personally but have put up with! Can't wait to hear more about it :)


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