Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boston Picker

Heya Nesters!   Do you ever have those mornings where you do exactly the same thing you do every morning, but for some reason that morning, everything takes twice as long?  This morning was that morning for me.  I leave myself two hours and fifteen minutes to get ready.  That includes some light house cleaning, eating breakfast, making Matt and I lunch, and probably the longest portions: doing my hair and standing in front of my closet figuring out what to wear.  Somehow I left my house 10 minutes late today.  When I got in the car, I remembered that it was pretty much on empty. *sigh*  Of course.....

Luckily, we have a gas station right at the end of the street, but they do take their sweet time pumping.  The words "Time" and "Crunch" must not be in their vocabulary.  But... I needed gas, so I pulled in.  Once filled to the brim and ready to roll, I was hauling ass down a side road near our house.  I had seen a pile of junk yesterday on this street and thought I had spotted a cool retro footstool, but I was going to fast to stop and figured, I'd leave it to the next lucky trash picker.  But in a turn of fate on that late, late commute this morning, the pile of junk was still there.  And so was the footstool.  Right on top.  I was probably going too fast to stop this time too, but I slammed on my breaks, threw it in neutral and hopped out of the car to grab it.  Only on my way back into the car did I realize that there were not one, but two Verizon trucks with workers inside, laughing at me.  I didn't care, I was the one ending up with the awesomeness that is this stool!

Look who's laughing now Mr. Verizon Men! Mwahahaha! I love this thing. And it will look awesome reupholstered next to our beloved leather armchair.  Oh yeah! I haven't mentioned to you guys, that I am back in upholstery-action!  I'm spending my Saturday mornings at Upholstery on Broadway and I'm working on the big black armchair.  {Which was also a trash pick...}  And I can't wait until she's all done! 

This is a super old picture of her- so old that it was in the old apartment! EEK!  But it's a nice little reminder of how awesome our new home is.   I will be reupholstering it in this gorgeous chocolate faux leather with an ostrich embossing.

Faux Leather Ostrich Chocolate
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That is... as soon as it comes back into stock.  I'm checking back multiple times a day to see if it's orderable {is that a word?} yet.  I may or may not have emailed the customer service to see if it might be back in stock early.  Because I'm that customer.

Anyhoo, I will reupholster this little guy to match and they will be bffs! They already look like long lost cousins but once they are all ostrich-ified, they will look like big brother and little brother!   I am being sure to take pictures of the process of this chair also.  And I have to show you all the glory of the last chair I did!  So much to catch up on!  I promise I'll share it all!

So have you guys trash picked anything lately?  Or have you watched someone trash pick and had a giggle? Have any of you tried your hand at reupholstery?


  1. I have my air stapler, and it's heavenly. We're looking for a commercial sewing machine, and once we find one, we're setting me up in my workshop. I can't wait to see all your latest upholstery work!

  2. So awesome to hear you are still upholstering!! I miss your posts, you know. That stool is fabulous, I would have slammed on the breaks too!

  3. Thats so exciting Dana! I'm so happy to hear you're doing your own work! :) I hope to show you guys more upholstery to come Tanya! So don't fret! Thanks for stickin' around <3


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