Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hair Idol

That's right. I have an American hair idol.  I have for quite some time now.  Now let's be clear here,  I've had many many hair styles, colors and idols.  I guess we could start from the beginning... 4 years old?   It was Shirley Temple:

Bad, I know, but it was the natural curls that lead me to it.   It was a phase that lasted far too long and my neighbors weren't thrilled with daily renditions of "Tomorrow" either.... 

High school was a hot mess of colors, cuts and bad butterfly bobbie pins. {oh the 90's}  So we'll just skip that and head straight to undergrad.  As a college gal, I rocked the Betty Paige 'do {I even did Victory rolls at least once a week... and a circle skirt and heels and a cardigan. Ok I was into the retro look but it was acceptable since I was a fashion major.}

Then I got a bad, bad haircut {an awkward bob but kept the bangs. Sounds fine but trust me, it wasn't good.} About 2 weeks- and a drivers license renewal later- I went to another hairdresser to "fix it" at which point she asked me if I "had balls," to which I of course responded a hearty "hell YES!" and she proceeded to cut off all. my. hair. into a pixie cut a la Michelle Williams {but I did it waaaayyy before Michelle Williams, thankyouverymuch!}

I drove home crying but it quickly grew on me {ba dum bum! heyooo! I'll be here all week with nerdy puns!} about a year later I started the epic journey of growing it out and kind of just had 'long hair' for a while kind of like Carrie Underwood... though, not blonde.  At all. 

After my hair was half way down my back, I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love. Because I am never happy with my hair staying the same.  Nothing terribly exciting but I brought in this pic of Nicole Richie as inspiration.

With Matts enthusiastic response to this cut, I will probably keep it until the second he proposes, at which point I will immediately start growing it out for a wedding 'do! But we have time before that happens.  Now I dont know whats going to happen between growing out and going gray {which has actually already started btw}  but I do know that when I go gray I refuse to pull a Betty White.

I will never dig the Q-tip look.  I dont know what it is that women turn a certain age and decide that this is the right look for them?  It is when they have a grandchild?  Is it the same time they decide to wear velcro shoes and cat sweatshirts?  Regardless, my future hair idol is Emmylou Harris.

Um, HOW GORGEOUS!?  Beautiful face aside, I am totally aiming for this chic timeless look once I've gone gray.  I have heard the texture of your hair changes and it doesn't relax into a blow-dry like it did with full pigment but I will do whatever I have to in order to rock some silver locks like these. 

Anyway thats my rant on hair.  Have you guys had any really bad or really great haircuts that you'd like to share? Maybe some day I'll scan in some old pics and actually show you how they look on me. Dish up the do's Nesters!  <3


  1. My most unfortunate hair incident was when I was in college. I had long, straight hippie hair, and I decided I wanted a pale blonde Afro. So I bleached my hair one day, and the next day I gave myself the home permanent from hell. I totally melted my hair. When it was wet, it was like overcooked spaghetti and stretched like elastic. When dry, it was melded together like a Brillo pad. There was no way to style or even comb it, and no salon could do anything for it, so when the new growth got an inch long, I cut it myself. I plastered it into a pixie with Dippity Do, and it eventually grew out into the perfect shag haircut, a month or so before Jane Fonda got a shag and made it all the rage...making me look like a trendsetter. (One of my early posts was about the hairdos during my lifetime that were frighteningly close to Barbie's. You'd get a laugh out of that one.)

  2. OH MY GOSH! Dana!! I hate to laugh but I am laughing so hard! That is insane-o! I bet you would have looked totally groovey with a pale blonde afro though! Oh man I can't get over it! But way to be the leader of the hairdo trends! I love this story and I will definitely be checking out that post of yours! Thanks so much for sharing!! <3


Heya Nesters! I always love your feedback! So dish, because we all want to hear it! <3