Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No. 5 Lamp - Where are they now?

Do any of you Nesters remember this old post of yore?  I had bought a stunning lamp from Target and I hated the matching shade.   And to boot, no other shades would fit.   I convinced Matt to try to combine the two shades together to get the aesthetic of the one I liked and the fit of the one above. Alas, it didn't work.  I was at a loss....

I tucked No. 5 away until I could figure out how to rectify the situation.   Finally I was fed up with hiding my beloved lamp, I took a leap of faith and bought a large barrel shade that I liked at Target.  I mentioned to Matt again that I would need his help to try again to figure out how to make this new shade fit.  However, one day while Matt was oot and aboot, I was in an organizing frenzy and I checked to see if I could figure something out myself.  I had visions of wire coat hangers and perhaps even figuring out how to take apart the socket.  And then the light dawned. {Pun intended}

"What if I just screwed in the bulb?  Would it stay?" .....

And the Hallelujah Chorus started singing!!  Thanks to our Energy Efficient bulbs with a flat base.... it screwed in nice and tight and is holding the lovely new share right in place.

I know its not a huge change but it's definitely more fitting to have the barrel shade than the tapered shade.  Check her out in all her glory....

Looks pretty good don't you think!?  I am happy to finally have her back up and running.  It really helps to have the extra light in my office, so that I can see what I'm sewing better. It's like having an old friend back.

Have you guys had any problems with Target lamps since I had mine?  Have you made a shade fit that normally wouldn't? Spill it!



  1. Wow, I love the way the lamp looks. I definitely agree that the barrel shade looks better than the tapered one. I also love the huge scissors on the wall.

  2. Thanks for the kind words ladies! The scissors hanging on the wall are from Pottery Barn probably about 5 or 6 years ago. My dad got them for me as a Christmas present while I was in fashion school. He thought it was funny at the time. I didn't want to be reminded of it but now they're a nice memory of all my hard work in school. :) They are a new addition to the wall, so thanks for noticing!



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