Sunday, March 25, 2012


Okay Nesters- I am calling all Target Aficionado's and web surfing experts-  I need your help!!  I have fallen in love with curtains from target- the only problem? I can't find them online OR in stores.  Here's what I mean....

I saw the heading page for Targets curtain section and fell in love with the Moroccan printed curtain... the only problem?  I CAN'T FIND THEM!  I've looked in every store around me to no avail and I've looked at every single curtain on and still cannot find them.  The biggest tease is the "more info plus sign" that should bring up its info but instead it brings up the info for the solid curtain next to it... can you hear my heart breaking?

I know Target's website can be sneaky and kind of terrible at times. Example:  I bought Matt a black suit jacket at Target a while back {I know, not the first place you think of to buy a suit, but for a kid that doesn't have one- but "cheap" was an easy way to convince him to make the leap.} and wanted to get the matching pants.  When you click onto the "suit separates" link it only brings up the gray suit separates.  Once you click on the gray pants, it has a liiiiiitle picture of the black ones in the "similar items" links below. That's the only way I can find them.  It drives me crazy!  So, I'm thinking this could be the same situation?  Is it in there somewhere, I just cant find it?

Here's where I need your help.  Has anyone seen these suckers?  If you've found them in Massachusetts- which store? And if you've found them online- can you send the link? I am OBSESSED with finding this!! Please help!!

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