Saturday, February 2, 2013

She works hard for her money!

So hard for it, Honey!

Since I work so hard... I think I deserve a nice space to work, dagnabbit!  And let's be real- I am kind of over my office desk right about now.

I've had this desk since the beginning of time.  Okay, well, at least since the time I started using a desk for homework. {Kindergarten?}   It's done me well and withstood a couple smaller makeovers, and despite my best efforts to make it work, it just doesn't tickle my fancy anymore.

It's gotta go.

So off hunting for inspiration I went!   Thank you Pinterst for helping me with that delightful task...

X-frame desks really caught my eye.  Their clean, contemporary look really had me at hello.  But my current desk has just a little storage as these and I. NEED. STORAGE.

Love that this is a vintage piece.  It's got such great curves and character! Not to mention the sheepskin!  Very romantic!

Taking into consideration the storage issue, this beaut seems to be just up my alley! I love the pink detail on the top, and the drawer pulls.  I'm also kind of in love with the brass lamp... I might have to do a little thrifting.

Now this shot, I just thought this was so pretty.  The color scheme is so chic and girlie.  Maybe not exactly where I'll go  in terms of color but not far off...

With all that inspiration here is my latest and greatest find from our friend Craig and his ever-famous List.

Okay, I haven't solidified anything yet but I hope to soon.  So maybe I shouldn't be getting quite so excited... but I cant help myself!! This great solid wood old teachers desk.  It has drawers and one of the sides is a faux drawer facade on the other, that opens like a door for some shelves.

I am going to paint it white and then I was thinking of painting the trim another color.... Or I could do a surface detail.  Or just a details on the sides? ...But I cant decide!!  My office is a white, Robbin's egg blue, and yellow theme but I'm intertwining more hints of pink.... but I was thinking gold could be cool too?  I don't know .... what do you think?  I need your help, Nesters!  Let me know your thoughts.


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