Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Greetings from Hong Kong!

A whole lot of things have been going down in my neck of the woods since my last post oh-so-long ago.  And no, I'm not even talking about Hurricane Sandy.  {Though, it is worth saying- we weathered the storm well.  No power outages or massive floods.}

In August, I accepted a permanent position within my company.  I was a mere Temp before working the ole 9-5 grind.  Since having accepted the salaried position, I'm now working the good ole 8-630 grind.  Part of the reason I have been off on blogging.  I also was asked to make a trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan with work.  So, on my singular half-day off:

We went to The Peak.  Ignore the tired slouch, horrific hair and dripping sweat.  Hong Kong in Sept is approximately 95 degrees and 90% humidity all day and night.  This picture is taken at the top of what they call "The Peak."  Its a very steep mountain to which you have to take a ferry {from the Kowloon side where we stayed.}

{The cruise ship dwarfed the rickety ferry}
Then you walk for ages over foot bridges and through the streets, up to the Tram that takes you up a very, very, terrifyingly steep mountain and it looks like you're always on the verge of falling off a cliff.  It was a cozy feeling. {sarcasm- and lots of it...}

And once you get to the top, you are faced with a giant shopping mall! Oh Hong Kong you are such an expensive sartorial tease!  Well if my crippling fear of heights hadn't been tested yet, the worst was yet to come.  In order to get to the observation deck, you must ascend probably 8 stories of escalators.  Now I'm okay in the 2 story- maybe even 3 story malls. "Just don't look down, it'll be over soon" But when you keep going and going and going, and you can see alllllllllllll the way down?  This little Acrophob' was white knuckling it holding on for dear life and using yoga-esque deep breathing routines, while trying to convince my heart not to actually beat out of my chest.  Which was also really embarrassing to be taking place in front of one of my superiors and another co-worker.

After my heart attack, we took in the great landscape.  It was stunning.

View of Kowloon and Victoria Harbor

We had no idea who lives in these mansions but I'm sure they can't drive to get there....

The Tram track

More crazy mansions.

After hour couple of hours spend taking in the city, the remainder of my time there was all about the inside of offices and my hotel room.  Rinse. Repeat.

I was gone for about 10 days and I am currently scheduled to go back on Nov 26th.  The Monday after Thanksgiving also known as "Gina's 28th Birthday"...  That's right Nesters! I will fly/time travel to almost entirely skip my birthday this year.  If you haven't had the opportunity to fly to Asia, you get on the plane on Monday morning and you get in Tuesday Night. It's like one big long 36 hour day.  It's totally disorienting.  And what's weirder is when you come home.  For example, I'll be leaving Hong Kong at 10 AM on Sunday, and I'll be arriving back in Beantown at 3 PM on Sunday.  A mere 5 hour flight across the world!

Well that's part of what has been going on with me lately.  More on the rest later...

What about you Nesters? Are you all okay after Sandy? I hope you have power and no damage to your nests.  Have any of you been to anywhere on the other side of the world?? Maybe even on your birthday!!

Dish it up Nesters!


  1. Wow, you really have been busy! Congrats on the permanent position. Your Hong Kong photos are amazing. I have a fear of heights too, so I would have been incapacitated at that altitude.

    I was so happy to see your post pop up. I've been wondering lately where you were and what you were doing. Don't stay away so long...and enjoy your birthday this year, even if it is hidden somewhere along the time-space continuum. :)

  2. Thanks gor being so loyal Dana!! I have been so busy and unfortunately blogging is down on the "to do" list. *sigh* but I have a ton more to sgoe you guys so i hope i cam just sit my butt down and tell u guys all about it!

    I have to visit u at Mid2mod!! Its been too long!!


  3. Congrats on the permanent position. What a bonus it comes with exciting travel opportunities!!


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