Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A sad day in the bridal world.

Some of you may be newly-weds, some of you may be brides or mothers of the bride... maybe even a maid of honor or two (maybe you're none of those but you're like me and just like to look at bridal magazines!) ...and maybe in those wedding adventures, you've run across the name Priscilla of Boston. The name is usually synonymous with elegant events, such as former President Lyndon Johnson's two daughters' and former President Nixon's daughters' White House weddings, in which they were decked out in the brand.  This year Priscilla's celebrated their 65th anniversary.


 Priscilla of Boston was started in 1945 by Priscilla Kidder on Boston's pseudo-outdoor-runway- Newbury Street, which plays host to the likes of Chanel, Versace, and all the highest end boutiques 'round town. She worked tirelessly in the salon with brides, as well as here in the factory in Charlestown making everything come to life.

A while back you might remember I mentioned that I work at Priscilla of Boston. It has been my first true job in my chosen profession of the "Fashion World".  (Three months of waitressing totally does not count!) I was a kid, fresh out of college and I was sitting behind a desk at Priscilla of Boston!? NO WAY!  I was thrilled with the opportunity.  I learned quickly that the 'thing' that made this institution so great, wasn't these four brick walls, or the ultra cool stigma of being in the bridal industry, but it was the people that sat behind the desks and made it happen, day in and day out.  They are the cogs that keep the machine working. Many of the women I work with today, have been here since they were 16, and worked with Priscilla herself.  We lovingly joke that they "come with the building."

I have had the pleasure of sitting at this desk for just under 5 years now. Albeit, office-mates and titles have come and gone, but the familial sentiment has maintained.  We have celebrated every single persons birthday, every single year.  From our team we have celebrated weddings, babies (lots of adorable babies), retirements, and even new houses. It is a family in the true sense of the word.

It saddens me to say that a couple of  weeks ago, the owners of Priscilla of Boston have decided to have the 65th year be its last.  At the end of December all of Priscilla of Boston will be closed.  No more gowns, no more salons, no more job for me.  In Boston, it was immediately all over the news, newspapers and radio.  That made it real. Shockingly real. Losing my job is sad- that's true...  But that isn't what makes me upset... the world losing this amazing, historic company that played a hand in making so many brides wedding-day dreams come true.  How can that be something that feels suddenly so unimportant?  Something that we've all based our lives around. It was unfathomable. I truly believed in this company and everything that it stood for.  I felt as though a large portion of my job was to uphold the integrity of the brands and each style.

After the numbness of the news wore off, I had that feeling of heartbreak.  You know, that sort of hollow feeling inside, knowing that we were going to let people down.  Knowing that we would do all we could for the brides that have already placed the responsibility of making their dream dress in our hands.  But for the girl that hasn't found Mister Right yet, and has fallen in love with a Melissa Sweet gown she saw in a magazine, tore it out and scrap booked for when the time comes...? What happens to her?  Or what about all the years of hard work Priscilla put in?  I guess it will just be tucked away in history. A time when brides kept their dresses and passed them down to their daughters and grand daughters to wear.

As for me?  I can't do what most of the ladies here are able to do, which is retire.  I don't know what my next move will be.  I've thought long and hard about becoming a teacher.  I could combine my love for kids, and creativity and be able to channel it into teaching some wee ones!  Not to mention that Matt is also a teacher, and the idea that when we have kids, we could all have breaks off together is an appealing thought.  And, it would leave some time on breaks for me to do more upholstering, refinishing and maybe actually sell something!! But all that requires another degree and lots of time and money.  So for now, all I'm hoping is to shorten my commute a bit and find something closer to home if I can. (You know, now that I actually have someone to come home to.)  I think if I can find a position, I'd like to enter into an office administrators position.  I have absolutely no qualms with going from a crazy-running-around-managerial position to a quiet admin position.  In fact, I think I'd quite like it. And I think it would be a good jumping off point. All are just thoughts as of right now....   Priscilla's hasn't seen the end of me yet though.  I'm here until the beginning of December (a week after my birthday and a week before my 5 year anniversary) and I plan to take the month off and enjoy the holiday season, sans day job.  Then its on to bigger and better things! What else can you do but try to look for the silver lining?

So that was another big thing that happened while I was gone.....


  1. Sorry to hear about the company closing. As talented and energetic as you are, though, I'm sure you will find something else to do that you love.

  2. It is, indeed, sad to see the company end it's time. And scary to wonder what comes next. Your idea of becoming a teacher sounds like an excellent one. If there's some way to complete your teaching credentials without going back to work, that would be ideal, and it would happen more quickly, also. Big changes coming. And that's what life is all about. Changes, and moving on with your life.

  3. Thank you for the kind words guys! We'll see how the next chapter turns out!! :)


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